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ESPN is running a poll. What car make would you like to see replace Dodge in NASCAR? After many, many years of driving BMWs guess what my vote was for?

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I'd say Nissan just to counteract Toyota
Chevy / Ford
Toyota / Nissan

Hyundai, even though they have nothing for the truck series. Ford doesn't have a real presence in the truck series either.

Honda had already built a Ridgeline & Accord to NASCAR Specs years ago and NASCAR approved the bodies however that was right around the time the Global Economy went further down the crapper & Honda just didn't have the extra money to invest anymore so they never went through with entering NASCAR.

After Nissan pulled out of everything to focus on the launch of the GT-R they've slowly been getting back into racing including entering the Aussie V8Supercar Series. I could see them obviously not for 2013 but for 2014 be a serious contender for being "the new make".
Cup = Altima
NNS = Maxima
CWTS = Titan
K&N/ARCA/CaTS/MxTS = Sentra?


The Hudson is cool.

still the best

THAT WAS WHAT I LEARED TO DRIVE IN - a HUDSON. It even had a metal outside visor over the windshield - that car was like a Mac Truck!

A Hudson Hornet did some laps before a Cup race at Fontucky a few years ago... sounded bad azz

VW. Maybe you have an Audi A6 in Cup and a VW GTI in Nationwide. Or they could go the Porsche route. I know it will never happen:>)

People said the same thing about Toyota a few years ago, didn't they? It would never happen.

FORD, FORD, FORD - I am surprised that Carl Edwards hasn't won more races, but of all the cars, Ford has less engine failures. Contrary to popular belief, Ford really does produce very reliable engines and fantastic cars. My Dad was a Dodge guy, but my Fords always outlasted his Dodges and Chryslers.

All the manufactures I would pick sadly to say, no longer exist even though they were part of GM and Ford anyway. Mercury, Pontiac. Any American nameplate, but than again, what's really American anymore?


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