Win a Robby Gordon Autographed TRAXXAS Slash RC Truck from Rugged Radios

We asked Robby if he wanted to donate some autographed swag for a giveaway. He was all for it and said he'd ship us out some stuff. Imagine our surprise when we opened the box and inside was an autographed TRAXXAS Robby Gordon Edition Slash RC Truck!!

Also included was some awesome autographed swag like some shirts, a hat, and even the number plate off his SST Truck!! Now's your chance to win big! Click the image below and enter for your chance at one of these great prizes. Each week, starting on Aug 4th, one winner will be selected to win that weeks prize. The 6th prize is a secret and will be revealed when the winner is picked.

One entry per person. Once you are entered into the contest, you have 6 chances of winning! Each winner will be randomly picked. One winner for each prize. Each winner will be contacted by email or by phone.

Be sure to tell your friends, share with your family, and GOOD LUCK!

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Congratulations Steve Davis for winning the autographed RG edition TRAXXAS SLASH!! Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway. Its been a lot of fun and it's actually not quite over yet. We have one more giveaway next Tuesday.... a SECRET giveaway.. You still have time to sign up if you haven't yet.
Oh BTW, the winner said he's gonna do #2: replace the body and drive the truck, while keeping the signed body as a trophy.

Congratulations Steve and good move save that shell!!

Steve heres a link to buying another Robby SPEED body if ya still want to run the SPEED scheme

And here's one for the old Hummer

Sent from my iPad
Sent from my iPad

Thats nice MJ.... I prefer my version of the hummer though...

Very cool Scott , looks like you're as addicted as me lol

it is an addiction. i need to find a way to mount the hummer body on my SCTE... and a new chassis for the SCE buggy... oops

Tamiya TA-02 body posts mounted to the shock towers always work good .
Congrats Steve.

Crap ! good for you Steve...... whatever dude. well there is Tuesday !

Ok, I'm over it now, lol Congratulations to you winners.


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