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Why do all the articles on Penske going to ford leave RGM out of the Dodge Mix?

Penske's departure is a serious blow to Dodge, given that the carmaker isn't affiliated with any other teams on NASCAR's top level. The manufacturer is slated to unveil its 2013 Charger before next week's race in Las Vegas, but as of now has no team to field that vehicle next year.

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If you know something, spill it!!

I've been going to Mulherns site checking for any possible updates, thanks for that one @Alan that's pretty cool that he's doing that. I sent emails out to Ralph Gilles also sent one to Dave Despain as a question for sunday, tried to leave a voice mail but it just rang never picked up I'm gonna keep trying!

For conversation, sure the Busch bothers starting a Cup team together for Dodge could be good for Dodge, but this is just not a probable answer for Dodge. I still scratch my head at the thought of Petty being considered for Dodge. There are very good reasons that Petty (RPM) could and would be considered for Dodge, but there are twice as many reasons going with Petty is not a logical answer.

First lets look at what RPM currently has and uses for equipment. RPM is running Fords. RPM is getting their engines from Roush, so we know they do not have an engine shop. RPM is getting 90% of their cars built by Roush, only minor fab is done in house at RPM. So we know they do not have or need to have their own fab and chassis shop. When a RPM car is damage or wrecked they are sent back to Roush to be repaired. I dont know fore sure, but when I was back in NC I was told the cars RPM gets from Roush are actually owned by Roush and are more of a lease to RPM. This also explains why Roush was holding cars and equipment when the Gillette's were behind in their payments. So technically RPM might not even own the cars in their fleet.

Then we get to where the RPM shop is at. It is in the same industrial park that Roush is at. Roush owns the whole block. The building RPM is currently in is owned by Roush and is the same building Yates Motorsports was in when they separated the race team from the engine side of the business, and that Boris Said used when he had the #60 No Fear team. This shop is so close to the main Roush shop that the teams drive or push the cars back and forth between RPM and Roush.

So if all this is still the case with RPM, and if they were to make the jump back to Dodge, they would have to find a new shop, as I assume Jack Roush is not going to want a newly formed Dodge team in his buildings. Then RPM would have to buy cars from an out side supplier or hire fab guys to build cars, hang body's, paint or wrap the body's and so on. Then Petty's will need an engine. This would require Dodge to have a supplier that the teams could go too, or Petty would have to hire his own people and build their own engine shop.

All this would cost a huge amount of start up money and would really have to be started today. You could not wait until Oct or Nov to make this sort of change and still be competitive come Daytona.

ohhh buddy, it looks more and more likely RGM may get a shot... be default

I'm really hoping you guy's are right a full on factory effort at RGM would be awsome. in the past I know Robby has said he would prefer to run a partial NASCAR schedual and also focus on other events but one of his recent interviews he said with the factory fully behind him he would be happy to showup and run the full season. Fingers crossed.

Hey Wally.
If you keep this new name Red Forman is going to put his foot in your ass.

LOL Just changed it back, Red's one of my hero's!! :-))

just my lame attempt at making a point to some one.

I was going to comment on this subject but before I cause any more problems I better go clean the dollar general parking lot better.

Not lame at all Wally.
Just in case you never noticed I take these little shots quite often.
Some people just want to argue about shit just to hear themselves talk or read the responses or whatever makes them feel better about themselves.
Sure is a dang good thing I am so perfect..

Yeah @Carl I like to keep it lite I don't always succseed but that's my intent. Just so you know you've set the bar at a level the rest of us can only hope to attain. :-\

Now if the bar would just quit bending so much!

Thanks for the info - just goes to show you the actual state of NASCAR and how the mega teams are carrying the sport forward.


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