Why is the Planet not a buz about this crap artical from Jeff Gluck?  Read Here  "There are fewer caution-causing drivers. Wreck-prone racers such as Robby Gordon, Sam Hornish Jr. and Brian Vickers are not in the Sprint Cup Series this year."  Nice.....

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that's a statistical statement Gluck was making. No biggie.


I tried but it is trash from a trash source If you ask me its a follow the leader series single file don't hurt the car this is not racing its a parade be there at the end look at all the money involved nobody wants a wrecked car let me move over.....all answers any driver would never utter No driver wants to say they earn their living selling snake oil but that's what NAZICAR is now a boring zing zing zing there goes the centipede of cars round and round she goes where she stops nobody knows I do the bank. Here is the punctuation for that comment a certain someone for which names sake adheres so requests....yes I was paying attention , , . , ,. , , . .

Man the head is on the nail in that statement!!

Because its kinda true.

There are fewer cautions, because the 88 car is on the lead lap and debris is harder to see when he is doing well. And as they say, cautions breed cautions. So what Jeff is saying is racing is better with Robby, Sam and Brian, because it is not as good this year as it was last year. Jeff should write a bring back Robby , Sam and Brian.


Yep. When Junior runs better, less fake cautions are needed.

With all the politics and limits how exciting can it possibly be anymore but then i prefer dirt so take that and give me some more.
I'm with ya Todd 

It's all Vickers. And maybe Reuitmann.

Shouldn't the planeteers start behaving like Nascar doesn't matter?


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