Just in case you have missed this I will attach the details below according to Examiner.com's Greg Engle titled "Girls shouldn’t race in NASCAR."

Well, I was hoping that the only moron in Cup racing that enjoyed putting down Women was that idiot Kasey Kayne with his remarks about a Mother breastfeeding her baby in public. But, I was wrong, way way wrong and Kevin Harvick crossed a line that a gentleman would never cross. I will get back to this in a moment.

Amber Cope was making her second Nationwide start last Saturday. She has just enough experience to be allowed on the track, but not enough to really know what to do while out there. Harvick had a hard time passing her and he blames that for him not winning the race. She was dozens of laps down after being in the garage for repairs, but even without the car problems she wasn't going to be very fast. This level of racing is new to her and the team is very under funded. As Harvick came up on her she wasn't sure what to do and ended up keeping him behind her for a while. There are other drivers that can be hard to pass when they are already a lap down like Robby Gordon. But, no one has ever unloaded on RG like Harvick did on Cope. If they did they would be wondering WTF when they came to. Harvick unloaded on her because he knew she wouldn't kick his lowlife ass like Robby would.

Cope is a rookie. Long before Harvick caught her he knew he had to deal with someone brand new out there. I'm pretty sure that rookies still have to run the road sign yellow rear bumper in NASCAR, so he knew that she might be squirley and she was for a bit. That's racing Kevin, get over it..... He was a rookie at one time himself and probably made some bonehead moves. We all did. My first night in a NASCAR Sportsman was pretty interesting, trust me. I did glean a third place in the fast heat that paid me $5.00, my first race. After the heat race I was informed that if I ever made my rear bumper that wide again the $5.00 I won wouldn't go far to fix my teeth..... Very true story.

There is a lot of press today on this as it is a slow week for Cup news without a race this weekend. In most of the reports he is quoted as referring to her as an "it" rather than by her name. And the line everyone is quoting of Kevin's is that "the only pole she will ever win is at a strip club." This is pretty low and I hope that NASCAR or his sponsors have a serious talk with him. I'm not defending Cope because I think she is a hottie and honestly she and her twin Sister are totally not what I find attractive in Women. I wouldn't give either of them a second look. But, I will defend her for being a rookie and because she is a Woman. Harvick seems to be taking on the role of the totally domineering Male in this and that really makes me dislike him even more. People have joked about Delana being the one in control of their partnership, but I don't see that now. No, Kevin Harvick has no respect for Women and it really shows this week.

I mentioned he had seriously crossed a line with his tweets. Most of the "news agencies" reporting on this have cleaned up his remarks some. But, a few have quoted Harvick as saying Cope was a "c_nt." This is not good for NASCAR as it tries to open up to both Female and minority drivers. Danica will win races and who knows five years down the road maybe the Cope Sisters will too.

Any comments? Slow news week.

"Girls shouldn’t race in NASCAR"

Unlike his nickname, Kevin Harvick wasn’t very ‘Happy’ Saturday. With 22 laps to go in the NASCAR Nationwide Series race, Harvick was large and in charge having taken the lead from Brad Keselowski on lap 155 of the 200 lap race.

With a 1.5 second lead Harvick looked to have a great chance for the win. It was not to be however as he was held up by a car laps down from the field. Keselowski was able to catch Harvick, pass him and go on to victory.

The No. 24 car was piloted by Amber Cope, one of twin nieces of former Daytona 500 winner Derrike Cope. On the cool down lap Saturday, Harvick let his displeasure known by giving Cope’s car a bump. Later he voiced his irritation with Cope.

"The 24, every time you'd come to her, she didn't know whether she was going high or low," Harvick said. "It looked like she went up, so I committed to the bottom, and she came down."

"It's not one of those deals. It's somebody who shouldn't be on the race track and has no clue what they're doing in a race car. She wants to be Danica Patrick, but she can't hold her helmet."

The war of words set off by Harvick continued on Twitter as Harvick fans bashed the twins on their joint Twitter account. The most notable Tweet was “Sorry, #NASCAR, but the only pole @AmberAngelaCope will take is in a strip club”

Cope fired back actually demanding that Harvick apologize.


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Eh. That is all.

he said down on her...This Twitter thing. Dont like it.

Take away the gender. The #24 car was 17 mph off the leaders pace in first practice. Second practice the #24 car was 10 mph off the pace. The #24 did not even attempt to qualify and the only reason the #24 made the race was due to owners points. #74 team of Mike Harmon attempted to qualify and did so in 42nd place. He went home even though he was 118.580 mph faster.

The #24 did not take the green flag as they were in the garage making repairs and only got on the track after the leaders clicked off lap 20. The #24 finished 26th the last car running 34 laps down. At times the car was just above the minimum speed set by NASCAR.

During the race both Elliott Sadler and Sam Hornish Jr has issues with the #24. Points leader Sadler had to run in the grass at one point to avoid the #24 when the #24 was trying to get out of the way.

Some will say the driver of the #24 is a rookie and needs to be given some extra tolerances from the veteran drivers. This is true, but the Nationwide series is the 2nd tear series in the top three NASCAR series, If this was the ARCA or East series, this type of driving might be more acceptable. Once you make the Nationwide series you should have enough experience to know how to stay out of the way of the leaders and lead lap cars.

The #24 team is a team for hire. Any driver with money or a sponsor can hire the #24 SR Motorsports team. I personally think Cope should take her Sponsorship money and spend it in the ARCA or East series and prove she is capable of racing the top 3 series before attempting another NW race. She was out of her league and dont blame the team. Looking at past results from the #24, they are not a lead lap team, but they are better then this last weeks showing.

I liked Kevin's comment about her trying to be like Danica . Only problem with it is Danica can ACTUALLY DRIVE .

This is why i like the 2 wheel stuff the best.(GP mostly). No games there just hard core stuff.

Harvick is just a drama-queen and hormonal right now with the new baby n stuff.

Benny Gordon, Derrick Cope and the Cope twins are doing the best they can with the equipment and training the girls to run Nationwide. The only way to learn Nationwide is to run Nationwide. Amber did better than Uncle Derrick, who usually winds up mowing the lawn or gracin the stands. Cope brought the car home and didn't wreck nobody! She held onto the car when Harvick gave her that love tap.

But I like to point out that Cope was caught between Harvick and the 41. Cope could only travel backwards to get away from Harvick and Blake Koch (another idiot) who was driving the 41, preventing a wreck.

If the car was running under speed, NASCAR could have black-flagged her like they did at Iowa when she was driving too slow.

I liked Kevin's comment about her trying to be like Danica . Only problem with it is Danica can ACTUALLY DRIVE .

don'y make no sense ????????????????????????????????????

I for one felt it was simply another in a long and endless (it will never end) line of post race Kevin Harvick jibber jabber. There is always an "issue" if he does not win and sometimes even when he does. This young Cope driver was simply the victim of her own gender and one of Kevin Harvicks attempts at a joke or a "stick it". He's not of a comedian and just as short on tact, not saying I have much more however he is just long in the tooth. It was a non issue with me after the race as this was the first thing I heard when I squelched the radio and upped the tube. No offense to our southern members but to me it's an issue for those who are far too involved in the nothingness of some racing instances. In the end she was horrible out there and her spotter should have had her out of harms way, ask any driver and they will tell you not much to see out the back not to mention you are a rookie in a slow car nervous as all hell. To me it was the spotters job and if he or she the spotter did the right thing but the driver failed at the hands of the information then by all means the driver should get the brunt. However as to being Danica I think the Long woman can drive.

MArjorie, this goes for all "moving chicanes", but if youre in peoples way, expect to hear some unflattering things about yourself.

She clearly isnt ready for big time stockers... Why was she there? Another example of money getting somebody something they dont deserve.

Half those drivers don't belong there. Just as a quarter of the teams don't belong in Cup. And don't get me started on the Truck and ARCA series.

"It's Somebody who shouldn't be on the race track". Enough said.

Nope, she has every right to be out there. The car is locked in on points and her sponsors paid for her to race. NASCAR says she is talented enough to race in the Nationwide series. What am I missing here? She is a rookie and better than some others have been in their second race.

Harvick is the one that shouldn't be on the race track for a Nationwide race. None of regular full time Cup drivers should be racing in that series. I don't see NASCAR ever changing that rule though.

Nobody has "thr right" to be out there, lets get this little myth out of the way RIGHT now.

In August 1993 (or 1994), my very good friend was a 2 wheel Speedway racer. He had a lot of potential, he was 18 (or 19), just made it to pros. During one of the heat races, the track promoter allowed an old timer on the track who hadnt raced in years. This gentelmen rammed into my friend, sent him into a spin, where he slammed his head into the wall. His helmet cracked.

Randy Evans (Google him) ended up in a coma for about 13 years. Randy died in 2006 (or somewhere around that time).

You have a right to liberty, you dont have the right to race.


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