Oh hey Planet,

You're probably wonder why TOG posted http://www.planetrobby.com/video/too-young-to-peak. Well, he did it as a favor to me.

This reminds me of back in the day when we were all trying to vote Robby into the All-star race...

Anyway, I've talked to young Garbo's parents and if we can get the votes up of 100,000 we'll run an awesome Speed Energy/Planet Robby paint scheme on the car for a event (which I'll document in all its HD glory)

He still won't be eligible for the contest unless we can come up with a fake birth certificate. That suggestion may or may not come from somebody at Peak. I guess they are open to controversy. It could happen.

Regardless, I appreciate your support.

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Here is the link if you just want to vote



Thanks man.

Voted. Will the macro work? Seems like Nascar got wise to it a few years ago...

it has worked before...

BC - This is the message I received:

You have reached your vote limit for the day. Individuals are only allowed to vote 5 times per day. Come back tomorrow to vote for your favorite contestant."

I imagine it recognizes your IP address.

Yea I think it uses a pool of ip address so once they are used up they are done...

Voted and sent out the Tweet alert too alot of my followers on there are also Planeteers .

You have followers? Kidding mj, you know I'm one of 'em. You got my nickle piece for the day, BC.

Done and done


Maybe he can ask your buddy Obama for a birth cert... LOL


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