RG Fans---Just a thought. It would be so cool to see RG driving the #33 for Richard Childress at Talladega. If nothing else just to see what RG can do with top flight equipment/motors to compare against what we have at RGM. Maybe RG could pick up some information while in the garage area. I know---go ahead and blast my post---I admit it's a little bit crazy

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I was the 5th viewer

I like that idea... RG did do some racing for other teams in the Busch series in 2008.. the #22 & #27. Be interesting to see!

Listen---I know it's a little bit out in left field but if Richard Childress is trying to keep the #33 near the top 35 what other driver out there would get you the finish that RG would at a plate track. For that matter---I would put RG up against ANYBODY in the cup garage in good equipment.

Having "possibly" in the subject of this post implies you've heard something. From the rest of your post I see you are only smoking crack and blowing smoke up our collective behinds.

I have not heard anything---was more of a wish. Richard Childress appears to be running the car past the first 5 races now and is on the line for the top35. He may be hunting for sponsorship and wants the vehicle in the top 35

I think it's fine you are wishing, just communicate that in subject please. :)

lighten up, Francis....

The only way this would happen if RG brought sponsorship with him. Don't you think if RG had sponsorship he would run his own car?

Richard Childress is running the #33 with no sponsorship at this time. I only threw this out there as RG is not running any cup until Sonoma and his old employer--Richard Childress has a car on the edge of the top 35. Originally Richard stated he would run the #33 for the first 5 races and then park it. I am wondering if Richard is rethinking this in the event that he wants to put Austin into the car at some point in the future and would like it in the top 35. He could S&P the vehicle until Dega and then let RG run it hard and get a top 10 finish which would put him is good shape for Charlotte & Indy for Austin---Just a thought people. Hey, crazier things have happened in the past and it would give RG a chance to run in a big race in top notch equipment---who here wouldn't like to see that.

Great idea ! now you need to send it to Richard

Not to mention the fact that he always got along so well with Harv and Jeff

"No sponsorship" Who do you think South Point is??? That the only reason that Brendon drove it the last couple of races.................he brought some of daddy's money over. Just like Paul Menard did.


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