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RG Fans---Just a thought. It would be so cool to see RG driving the #33 for Richard Childress at Talladega. If nothing else just to see what RG can do with top flight equipment/motors to compare against what we have at RGM. Maybe RG could pick up some information while in the garage area. I know---go ahead and blast my post---I admit it's a little bit crazy

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OMG ! Too funny...

oh man...thats priceless


LOL! and where is my like button!

Oh Dear,
What would PETA say?

Maybe RG could get Mapei to go along. If they sponsored the 7, why not the 33? This would give the RCR cars extra drafting help, too. RG has been among the best plate-racers for years now. No, he and Harv aren't BFFs, but he and Paul Menard are, and Harvick doesn't own RCR, and that relationship seems to be intact.

You know Menards would help out with Mapei. Stick a Speed logo on for good measure. This is a great idea for everyone concerned.

RCR would use one of his current stable of drivers if the #33 were to go to Talladega. It's a nice thought, but unrealistic.

We all just want to see Robby race. Keep the faith as fans and if Robby wants to, he will find a way. We will all be there when he runs his next NASCAR race I'm sure.


I know its beating a dead horse, but MAN, I dont want to see Robbys NASCAR career end this way. End it on a high note, not the fizzled out way it is happening now.

RG did NOT retire from nascar. He is still going to race in races this year. And next.

I understood completely what he has said. At risk of sounding like I troll, Ill leave it at that.


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