I'm wondering what all of your thoughts are on RG actually winning SST. As much as I'd love to see it, I have to wonder is that's really what is best for the series. I guess the upside is that if he wins, it keeps a big chunk of money in the series for next year.

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Sometimes keeping a half mil in can at the same time push 2 mil out.
I love watching Rob and have for years but this was a fear i had to start the year.
It is what it is though and we shall see what next year brings.

Now lets see a strong 1000 and Dakar.

I don't think it's a bad thing, overall I believe the racing community understands that this is a new series and overall was a success despite the budgetary challenges. My hope is that more sponsors come on board next year to legitimize SST beyond internal and racer backed funding.

I'd see less of an issue with RG winning if there was appropriate test time for everyone. I understand why he has to do it this way. But there are some similarities between RG SST and Hendrick "tire tests." RG did make it clear he would be racing in the series he designed and built with a 3rd party officiating body.

Honestly. The sour grapes discussion would only involve Rob Mac.Robby was very fair by allowing a substitute driver for the events Rob Mac was not available.

As memory serv's Robby sat out of alot of practice sessions to even the playing field so to speak.

Robby winning the first SST Championship only fits IMO. Now everyone can try and dethrone the Creator/Champion.

I like that idea too.

Why shouldn't he win it ? Everyone knew when the season started Robby had a good chance of winning it . Would Rob Mac give back the $ if he got it ? Hell he led for 75 % of the season and DID have a great shot of winning . I for 1 say everything was perfectly fair and it came down to the 2 best drivers out there .

I never said it was not fair or anything of the nature.
What I said was I was afraid of this type of conversation popping up as it has.

Think we all pretty much figured it would happen . Haven't seen anything on RDC bout it yet but I'm sure we will . As long as it was fair as possible the only person who should have any problem w it is Rob Mac and he either knows it was fair or is man enough not to cry about it . I'd say its BOTH .

I don't think there is a wrong answer, aside from RG not giving it his all, just thought it was an interesting discussion when you look at the series from an objective standpoint.

No matter who wins, seeing who starts next year will be the biggest sign of the future, and let's hope it's a long list.

The important thing in my opinion is not who won but rather did the series get enough buzz and sponsorship for a 2014 season. Otherwise it is who wants to buy an SST cheap.

The truck didn't drive it's self, so yes he should win.


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