Two Things...

Robby should have Kurt join him in the SST series

The 51 should have Robby race the car at pocano.... in a move to get back at NASCAR ... I know we have a energy drink conflict but maybe it can be over looked for the good of stock car racing

it would make up for this race..

I vote that all the planet members need to give kurt all the support they can
I vote that they should give NASCAR hell
and I vote we should get Bob Pockgrass fired from the sporting news

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I almost wish it was at least then he'd have an excuse , but sadly no kurt is just an ass !

Im not sure how somebody could throw away so much. No behavioral problem explains this as well as intoxicants 9doesnt have to be narcotics). When he went to Penske, he was purposely acting with good behavior. I dont know if you guys remember, but his interviews the first couple years, he had a plastic smile on his face. It was almost comical. I thought hed have the same smile on his face this year, sadly hes not.


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