Two Things...

Robby should have Kurt join him in the SST series

The 51 should have Robby race the car at pocano.... in a move to get back at NASCAR ... I know we have a energy drink conflict but maybe it can be over looked for the good of stock car racing

it would make up for this race..

I vote that all the planet members need to give kurt all the support they can
I vote that they should give NASCAR hell
and I vote we should get Bob Pockgrass fired from the sporting news

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Wait, what?

Great ideas!!!!

Well... since Ted Musgrave is officially retired from racing... that eliminates one possible replacement driver.

Tim whatever it is your smoking put it down and lay off the joint . Why in the hell would Robby want to associate himself , SPEED Energy , the new series or anything having to do with Robby with a assclown like Busch . Kurt is a total train wreck and shouldn't be allowed near a go cart track no less a NASCAR , offroad , or any other race . I'm even surprised he's still being allowed to run in Tony Stewarts Prelude race on wednesday .

I'm with you MJ! I think he need to take some time and get his act together! Sure he can wheel the car, but no sport puts up with an ass!

Robby and Kurt have a slight hate for each other. Remember the whole Jimmy Spencer/Kurt Busch deal years ago when Robby said he would pay Jimmy's fine. ha ha.

Ive lived in Vegas for 20 plus years now. Been going to the Bullring at the Speedway about as long. I have watched Kurt develop into this moron he is now. Its funny watching the sports guys around here talk about him. They try so hard to be proud of the Busch boys but you can just see it in their face.

I would dream of the talent/opportunity he has been given. Wish he would grow up a little and appreciate what he has. Still would care fore the guy but damn dude take the opportunities you have been given and run with them.

I think Pocano is pretty low on the list of RG's favorite tracks...

SST Series? Absolutely not.

PocOno? Absolutely. If Robby could pay Finch via sponsoship $$ to put Speed Energy on the car and fill in for the suspended driver, think of the attention that would get from the media and TNT on their first broadcast of the year. (At last check Monster sponsors Kurt and is not a regular sponsor of the 51)

Robby does have 2 top 10s at Pocono going back to the RCR days so he is more than capable of racing at the that track. Plus, last year he had good run going until the car fell apart and eventually the wheels came off on the Sprint Cup team.

I understand that Robby has his own team with the ability to build a car from the ground up, but I for one would love to see him in someone else's car to see what he can do

looks like Ruetiman will be in the 51 this weekend

Looks like Kurt is going to be out a ride. Not only is Ruetimann now listed as the driver of the 51, but the 10 is TBA. If Ruetimann was going to continue to drive the 10 after this weekend I don't think he would have made this change. So what is to become of the 10. Will Tony put Danica behind the wheel of the 10 at Pocono?

Dave Blaney is listed as driver of the #10


Kurt + intoxicants = the situation hes in

Just sayin'


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