Robby will be a guest on NascarNow! ESPN2 @5pm ET Wednesday June 22,

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NASCAR NOW is on ESPN 2. At least in my neck of the woods.
My Bad
you are correct
Thank TOG for the edit Button
I'll still be at school, but I know I will catch it when they re-air it. Or someone will post it here on the Planet. That's good news for RGM...
Will have the chance to watch this. Not sure if that show is "live" or taped or what. But along those lines I hope they don't start throwing elementary questions at him that he has to dance around in order to say what i'm sure he going to. Far and away top three, Product line (they may interject the Red Bull thing) Goals for Sears point (a win duh!) The future of Robby Gordon Motorsports (very interested to hear what he has to say if this comes up). I hope it's a pretty long piece that show is weak, cramped and boxy format that seems to say the obvious.
Just sayin'
Rob needs to drop some teasers on manufacturer for next years Dakar & OFF-ROAD SERIES. Just enough for some heavy speculation . Makes it more fun!
I thought he already has
refresher coarse.
Take a wild guess.
I'm glad Robby is finally getting some attention for this race, these NASCAR people always talk about the same drivers and leave out Robby.
its just starting now
Pretty good interview but it was pretty short and simple.


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