Hate to be the fan to ask this, but been trying to keep updated and nothing, so any help here would be greatly clear up the junk out there on the web. Such as RG sold everything and going into the sunset!!

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Answer = Buy more SPEED.
Promote SPEED.
Robby will arrive and drive.

Thanks for the info TOG you do a great job - I wish RG would win the mega millions then he could buy whatever he wanted - maybe even take over a team and tell OLE HELTON to KMA. Joan.

Rumor has it, hes one of the out of state winners from last week. 200mm just sayin'

"sell more cases, get more races"......, from the great linguist Mr. Boris Said

hopefully he will race vegas to reno
Guy (thats me)
will be set up at either top gun or the carson river with the BBQ going and a home made speed energy sign (i might even chain up my grandsons 4and 6 yrs old so they dont try to steal a racecar)

I can't imagine this being a place that would give any favors to Robby.
I could be wrong but since the country of qatar backed/funded Nassar "and he is the president of the organization putting this race on" Robby's name will not be at the top of the good guys list here.

Just My Thoughts.

It's too bad the deal with Ray Evernham didn't go through while Robby was still in the top 35.

I would have to say thank's to a crooked frenchmen from montreal robby wasn't in the top thirty five at the time if you remember this mystery front end apeard from somewhere before daytona and the following tuesday i think rg lost 150 owner points.I know if i was buying a team i'd pay alot less if iknew the car would be outside the top 35.fourtanately the penalty was reversed. just my opinion but everham just settled a lawsiut with the same person.


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