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Traxxas is coming out with the Speed Energy version of the Slash truck this November.

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Thanks for the compliments on the signature Wally paint on the helmets is a lil thicker than I thought so the helmets ain't dry yet gonna be at least Monday before I can post the pics of them . You guys are gonna flip when you see them I even did the SPEED
" S "

Finally finished them . Heres the helmets i did up

Here they are in the cockpit Mini Robby and Mini Steve lol

Ok guys and gals HPI just came out with this
Whose gonna be the 1st to do it up right

just got a call from Ultimate hobbies my clear bodys are in gonna get to work on the various Speed colors soon

Cool what bodies did you get ?

they are all slash, I'm doing the 4 colors of speed

Burned up the motor in my a new one on the way

That sucks Mike hope it works out . Sounds cool Jeff 

OK Gang I am open for tips.
I have never had nor operated a RC car before but My RG Traxxas truck is scheduled to arrive today.
My guess is it will not be long before something is broken.

Prep, prep, and more prep! I spend more time fine tuning on my rc trucks before they hit the track. Just remember, you are now runnung a 1/10 scale TT kind of thing. If you have the same mindset as a race team, regarding taking care of the truck, i.e. nut and bolt checks, constant alignment re-sets, shock tuning ect. you should have a pretty reliable vehicle. If you are jumping five feet in the air at skate parks and not servicing your truck, then you better expect trouble. The chassis setup right out of the box is descent for most activities. I have setup notes for different activities/tracks. Dont mind me, Im very particuluar, and my trucks run consistently well. its all what you put into it.
The best thing to remember, is to keep it fun, and enjoy!

I will more than likely just be tinkering around on a limited basis due to just not having a lot of time and way too many projects but I do like to tinker so I do not plal on thrashing without doing maintenance.
First and formost is going to be in learning how to actually operate the truck.
Then I will get into running it as hard as I would actually like to.

I may have wanted to start with a cheaper sacraficial lamb but figured I would throw a little more support in to the RGM pool.


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