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1 fan was killed and several injured by a lightning strike following the race . Here's the story from Yahoo sports .

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Flashback to the 1983 Dover may race.

Yeah really sad go to a race to have fun and don't make it home :~(

Literally makes me sick to my stomach. Same thing happened at the Daytona Pepsi 400 I was at in 2004. Very, very sad.

I'd say NASCAR should step in and do something but don't know what , won't bring that person back . But they should do something . It's just so sad .

How about the Gal I believe a woman not a man not checking that was shot while sitting in the mobile home by a far off stray bullet. At Pocono. Undeserving fate. It rivals undeserving prosperity in the grand scheme thing of things.

What would you like Nascar to do. It's an act of nature. Thats ridiculous.

I'm just talking maybe help the families with some money or something I'm well aware it was nature thank you . Like I stated it ain't gonna bring the person back but at least it shows a lil compassion on nascars part

How about a prayer for the dead before Sundays race. If anybody want to start a pool for the families, they can.

Our group was literally 75 feet away from the fan that passed away. We were holding down our canapy at the time and the lightning came through the ground and it shocked us pretty bad because we were holding on the metal of canapy tent. I can def. say we have a new respect for storms, the group next to us was trying to resessatate the individual but he had no vitals. My condolences to the family, def. crazy and top 10 scariest moments of my life thus far.

wow. Glad you are ok & sorry that you had to experience that.

Brad you got lucky man glad nothing happened to ya . I don't know bout you but just wonder if the racetracks or NASCAR should step in and ban tent camping . I know yes it's a lot cheaper than a hotel or RV but hotels and RVs are also safer . Anyway glad your safe and are able to stay with us on the Planet ( both Robby and earth ).

Yeah we were just tailgating with those raised tent things - we exited the race track promptly and just got back to our vehicle. The wind went crazy and probably wasnt the smartest thing to do to hang on to the tent but it was raining like hell, slight hailing and blowing it away so we just grabed it by instinct. Def. lucky thats for sure, just one of those things I guess


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