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Absolutely heartbroken . Just woke up and my cell was blowing up with tweets and texts . Please pray for Robby , Robyn , Beccy and the entire Gordon family .

I am truly sorry to here about Robbys parents. may they RIP. I am so sorry Robby. GOD speed, BOB, and Marlene

Praying for the Gordon family for sure and that the murder-suicide part is not true.

Totally true except the woman was Sharon, Bob Gordon's current wife, not Marlene.

Loss for words, condolences to the entire family, friends, and fans.

Painting my kitchen and this came over the air. Prayers and condolences Robby. This is just devastating news.

Sorry to hear this.....Bob was always a great guy.I was a big fan of his before Robby started racing. I would find him working at off road and later on at NASCAR races. But he would always take time to say hi and ask about our racing team.

Such sad news, thoughts and prayers for Robby and the entire Gordon family.
Absolutely shocked by the news. The entire racing community mourns for the Gordon family. I know my fellow community also shares deep sympathy, thoughts, & prayers for the Gordon family. I wish I could give everyone a hug.

I have attached a few photos of Baja Bob, Robby, & my father (Gene Sellers) that was taken back in 2014 in Parker. My father shared many stories of his racing adventures with Baja Bob and he said Baja Bob was a great guy.


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