Robby has always said trucks belong on the dirt any chance Robby will jump in a truck for this race? I think this would be a great place to put SST on the side of a NASCAR vehicle to help promote the SST Series.

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Why have anything to with NASCAR anymore ? After the fiasco this past wknd they've MORE than proven they are a JOKE ! I'm sure there are many other ways to promote the SST Series than screwing around with them .

Why? Because millions of people watch NASCAR.

I wish NASCAR would just shut down the truck series and get those folks into the Nationwide series. I have never liked the idea of watching pick up trucks race around an oval track. Just not a natural thing. Trucks belong in off-road racing, but not NASCAR.

I totally agree with you Bruce . The funniest part of it though is it was actually started by offroad guys . I found this on wikipedia . The only ones i remembered were Jim Smith & Frank Vessels .

The idea for the Truck Series dates back to 1993. A group of SCORE off-road racers (Dick Landfield, Jimmy Smith, Jim Venable, and Frank "Scoop" Vessels) wanted a bigger audience for truck racing.[2] They made a prototype for a NASCAR-style pickup truck.[3] These were first shown off during the 1994 Daytona 500, and four demonstration races were held during the season. The first event at Mesa Marin Raceway had six trucks.[2] The other three events were held at Portland Speedway, Saugus Speedway, and Tucson Raceway Park.[2] Tucson Raceway Park held four events that winter, which were nationally televised during the Winter Heat Series coverage.[2] These trucks proved to be extremely popular, and it led to NASCAR creating the series, originally known as the "SuperTruck Series", in 1995.

I still however don't think Robby needs to get back mixed in with NASCAR . The further away from it the better .

Walker Evans decided to try his hand as a driver/owner in the newly formed NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series in 1995. He had one Top 10 finish in 18 races, and he finished 14th in the final points standings. He had three Top 10 finishes in 23 events in 1996, and he finished 17th in the overall points standings. He continued his Walker Evans Racing team after his retirement. He hired former SODA and CORR competitor Brendan Gaughan to race for him in 2002. Gaughan won twice, on his way to the Rookie of the Year title. In 2003, Gaughan was the CTS points leader going into the final race, but was crashed out.

The truck series is the best national NASCAR series as far as racing is concerned...

agreed. I have lost interest in cup (*until this past weekend) almost entirely.. trucks on the other hand are entertaining.. and short... and great friday night entertainment when the kid and wife head to sleep.


Mike - that would be cool to see.

Agreed, love to see RG slidways in a CTS on dirt. SST on the side...I just dont see a con to it.

I concur. Just seems kind of natural.

What is natural is Robby in an off-road truck . He was born to be an off-road champ and the proof is in the numbers

7 SCORE International championships (1986–90, 1996, 2009)
3 time Baja 1000 winner (1987, 1989, 2006)
3 time Baja 500 winner (1989, 1990, 2005)
7 Dakar Rally stage victories
3 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series wins (New Hampshire '01, Infineon 03', Watkins Glen 03')
1 NASCAR Sprint Cup Gatorade 125 Win (2003)
1 NASCAR Nationwide Series win (Richmond '04)
2 CART wins (Phoenix and Detroit '95)
1 Central Europe Rally Special wins (2008 CER Stage 5 Scratch 1 winner (1/2 stage) Hummer)

In which sport do you see the most victories , the most championships , the most success ? 2 words OFF- ROAD !


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