I realize that RG's future is the SST series, however I was wondering if Team Gordon had converted any cars over to the new Gen 6 configuration? Hopefully we see RG at a twisty in either a Team Gordon car or Phoenix car.

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Ill still watch NASCAR just for the fact its still racing . Is it my favorite ? NO you all know offroad is ! But i also watch all types of racing everything from lawn mower races to F-1 . As for NASCAR its not the racing I hate its the way its run that ruffles my feathers lol . Ill just root for the highest qualified Ford driver at each individual race lol . I can not wait for the SSTs to start its gonna be AWESOME but I will admit I AM ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE 500 this yr ( yes I really admitted it lol ) . The new cars look really cool and could be a step in the right direction to bringing NASCAR back to what it used to be . I've ranted enough and know you all hate it when I put NASCAR down so ill just end this by saying I do wish them a good season this yr .

Well mj I was a die hard NASCAR fan and it started to take a shit just before Dale Sr, died. Then came my next Fav cup driver Steve Park but his rise to stardom took a shit when his steering wheel came off.
The death of Sr, though I think was a hugh blow to Nascar and combine that with France jr, and Mike "show me the bucks" Helton, the COT and it has sucked since.
I hope this new car makes for better raacing but the sanctioing body has a long way to go to make it anyway near what it used to be in my opinion.
I do agree though that any form of motorsports is entertaining to me.

Totally agree w ya Carl . NASCAR was starting to go down hill before Sr died . Unfortunately when Dale died so did NASCAR . Everyone hopping on the Jr bandwagon only made it worse cause it put to much pressure on him . I think if everyone would've just let Jr be Jr and not a reincarnation of his daddy things might be a lil different . The other death blow to NASCAR was Bill Jr dying . Brian was nowhere near ready to take over and Helton saw is opportunity to pad his pockets and pounced on it . If Dale Sr were still alive I don't think Helton would've had that opportunity cause Sr would've kept everyone in check .

I don'y understand what all the hubub is about with Rob not doing the stock car curciut. I believe we will have a Danica Patrick soap opera, a returning champion driving a new make, all sorts of other stuff that's not race related to watch and hear........all except me, I listen to radio and read, it makes the entire stock car racing calander a different world and much better. Enough is enough

IROC is the root cause.. It stunk up the show and now NASCRAP has turned Cup into IROC.....DUHH !!!

If Robby will be back in nascar it will be in about 12 to 13 years.If MG is not in F1..Dont lol, Robby should have been in F1 back in the day.Wasnt it ford that pulled out ?

James, Robby said on Claire's show last night he could have never driven in F1. He was to big. He has always weighed 180lbs+ and you need to be below 120 for F1. In his prime the lighter the driver the better. Like Indy they did not weigh the driver and car together so a heavier driver was a net gain in weight.

I see Tommy Baldwin Racing is going to use the #7 for Dave Blaney. Did Robby give up the # or maybe he has something in the works over there?

this question was covered in it's own thread

Jeff- nope, RG doesn't have anything in the works with TBR

Take your favorite driver out & party with em'....if they AJ it & it's an off-week of the SST, maybe RG will be back doing circles on asphalt after all.>

Robby was on Clair B Lang's show on Sirius last night. He was on for close to 30 minutes. She asked him about everything. Dakar, SST, NASCAR and mentioned this coming Parker 425 and King of the Hammers.

I;m surprised it was not recorded and on here? The reason my video of RG ghost riding the Hummer, Max's video & the SST ramp test is on the front page is because those topics were talked about and RG said go to PR to see them.

RG said NASCAR is over for him. He said never say never, but for the foreseeable future, NASCAR is done. He said he has enjoyed the last 10 years, but it is time to move on and do other things, SST being one of them. RG also threw out some names of who would be doing SST.

I hope the interview was recorded and will be posted up. I think it will give everyone an idea of where RG is going and what he wants to do in the coming years. NASCAR does not fit that plan. The end of the interview was almost like a thank you and salute to RG's NASCAR carrier. The last thing RG said was he wanted to thank all his NASCAR fans and even the ones who were not his fans.


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