Hello I just saw on Speed Energy FB page that something BIG is going to be announced today... I wonder if it is just for the Drink or for RG as well? Any ideas out there?

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Something BIG...that might knock you off your FEET...?

(A) RGM will become a three car team with Dodge backing

(B) The drivers will be Robby Gordon, Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch

(C) Speed Energy will become the official Energy drink of Nascar

(D) RGM will enter a team in the Indycar series with Paul Tracy as the driver

(E) Robby Gordon will do a one off at this years Indy 500

(F) RGM will build a new Trophy Truck

(G) The souvy truck will show up at all races

(H) TOG will ban all of us for constant harrasing of the question "Is this a full race?"

(I) I shall win the lottery

How bout all of the above 

I think RG hinted to this in his audio interview a few weeks ago. Cant wait to see what it looks like

That was my guess as well. Since BIG is in the title... SPEED will be on BIGFOOT....

Or a shoe contract?

Sounds like it would be a good day to keep my twitter feed on my computer I guess

Now TOG has to answer all previous posts from the past few years one what RG is doing with the Monster Truck!

and it didnt go to waste

TOG so then you are now even busier.... Can't wait for all of the updates....


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