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Totally agree that it is not good for the brand if he is not making races. It's one thing if he makes the race and parks. it's another if he cant even qualify. Reality sucks but he's doing the right thing.

Now I don't have to watch NASCAR until June. Great stuff!



I have to say I believe this is the best thing to do.
I never believed in the Bad press is Bettere han No Press B.S.
We all know he cen drive but why keep trying if he is not enjoying the ride.

Not a sad day at all. It's common sense.

“I don’t think I get everybody’s attention coming every week,” Gordon said Friday in California. “I don’t think I make my brand look good. I’m better than this."

I agree. DNQ's and start and parking give the brand a negative image. Never mind the fact that the Cup series is not a good market for energy drinks (see Red Bull and AMP.) Burning money for the sake of "being there" doesn't work.

Never said it wasn’t common sense or the right thing to do, just sad it has come down to this. Hope he falls back, regroups, and comes out stronger than before.

it is beyond sad, it totally sucks

I am glad...NASCAR is not at all like it use to be...Look back in the old days A.J., Mario and Parnelli, they drove when they wanted to and what they wanted to....Rob should keep that alive and bail on NASCAR.....really a top 35 when you buy points and don't race for them......Thats BS if you ask me...

I am glad Robby has finally decided to scale back.

You might not see it yet, but this is good for RGM and SPEED Energy...

Couldnt agree more, Ive been saying this for ever... A brand is build from winning, not losing. just sayin'.

well when you are trying to sell something called speed and you do not make it on time I agree it is not good .... Robby needs to buy this brand "Koma Unwind" for time like this... they are based out of Mooresville so right up the street from Speed


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