Did anyone read this ESPN post? Dodge should rally the little guys.

Dodge shouldn't be taking phone calls. It should be making them, and not to the NASCAR juggernauts.

No, Dodge should be rounding up the little guys. The brand should embrace its thrust-upon-it role as the ultimate motorsports underdog. It should assemble the single-car, cash-strapped teams from the far end of the Cup garage and go racing.

I'm not talking about start-and-parkers. I'm talking about shoestring-budget outfits that are working toward actually building something. I'm talking about teams like Gordon's, such as Tommy Baldwin Racing, Phoenix Racing, JTG Daugherty, Front Row and Furniture Row. The ones that have to buy used parts at auction, fly coach, don't own their own wind tunnels and stay at the Holiday Inn Express because it comes with free breakfast.
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Is it Monday ???? How far did we turn the clocks ahead???

Space bar please,

And I love reading your comments. Very over my head half the time, but I'm just a racer and not that smart

I agree completely. I just hope Robby sticks with them or I won't have a dodge to route for.

via Twitter:

This just pisses me off! So, I did what I do and that's wright a short n sweet letter
I posted this on the Chrysler site...I'm sure it will not help, but I feel better!

An open letter to To Ralph Gilles,
I am a new comer to NASCAR. I've been a casual fan until I met Robby Gordon last year at a theater in Richmond. My wife had the pleasure of handling Robby Gordon's Fast Five promotion at Bowtie Cinemas. After the event, his team invited us to the race as his guests. A first class team and person! We watched from the pit box and I had the time of my life. I had such a great time the only way I new how to thank him was to buy a Charger! If you choose not to at least talk to him about sponsorship, this will be a mistake. Similar to the Jets not taking Payton Manning...this will come back to hurt the Jets (I'm a Jets fan)! Think about it...Dakar to Daytona...all with Chrysler, now that would be AWESOME!!

Dodge will vanish from the arena and Nascar itself will fade into insignificance, crushed into dust by Hendrick's eventual 10.75 teams that no one wants to see anymore.

dodge had a nice win today, brad could win the cup in a dodge

Who cares !! Dodge don't care about us I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEM !!!

pretty much , Either buy from Roush or Hendrick to be competitive ,,, they account for atleast 1/2 the cars on sunday,,what is more lame than that, Nascar has lost control ,,,, Greedy bastards


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