Here is a running list of SST drivers, sponsors and other info, based off of announcements.

Active SST Racers SST Tracks / Details


Race 1: Phoenix, AZ (Track Layout, Winner: Rob MacCachren)
Race 2: Los Angeles, CA (Track Layout, # Drivers)
Race 3: San Diego, CA (Track Layout, # Drivers)


SST Other Details

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Justin Matney ( RPM OFFROAD ) is confirmed

Is National Guard on board?

The initial Super Stadium Trucks press release on May 30th, 2012 said Rick Johnson was going to compete

"...Also in attendance and planning to race the series is supercross and off-road legend Rick Johnson..."

Is this not the case anymore?

What about Kyle Leduc, Nick Baumgartner, & the guy who claimed the '13 trophy as his, BJ Baldwin?

I know a lot of people tested but are any of these "confirmed"? Everybody likes to drive cool stuff for free.

13 TT is Clyde Stout
3rd pic down

Has anyone heard anything solid bout Deegan and Twitch ?

BJ is out

Even announcing Traxxas and Jenkins in the RC magazines and forums .

Where did you see Toyo would have 2 teams? or any teams for that matter?

On their release it said multiple teams

Multiple teams would be using their tires. just says multiple teams will be using their tires...not that they would have multiple trucks.


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