SST Track Layout for LA Coliseum, from the Stadium SUPER Trucks Facebook Page.


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Just like everything in LA lol

Interesting that they didn't do more with the infield. Perhaps another track in the middle for Super Trophy Karts and the Monster Trucks?

Maybe something to do w the football field ? USC still plays games there I think .

Maybe the Monster Trucks will go to more of a trick-show style competition. Several people have suggested that the Bigfoot & co. did a number on the track, impacting the other classes.

this jumps and tricks of monster trucks will put more asses on seats for the kids fact judging by the crowds reaction in phoenix parents and kids get exited,

USC still plays football in the coliseum "GO TROJANS" and they won't let them tear up the infield and to much dirt to fill and remove...that just means more jumps,woops and longer sand pits

Great. I have section 5 tickets. This is gonna be a great show!

yeah, they aren't allowed to place track over the field.

Do you REALLY think RG would let that infield go unused??

Robby might not have a choice in it . Could be the owners of the stadium won't allow it . Look at the debut party vids / pics they only used the end zone . Granted they didn't need a full out track but who knows . Better to have part of an arena than none at all .

Check out this video on YouTube:

thus the first sentence in my reply " They aren't allowed to place track over the field"

Will they be using the field for anything? Fan experience, off-road expo, vendors, etc.? Will the karts, buggies, and monster trucks be using the same track and going up the ramp? Irregardless of my questions the track set-up at first glance appears to be very fan friendly and that from any vantage point in the stadium one will be able to experience the excitement of the SST events.

I really hope they have something special planned for the infield. I doubt USC cares about the field, spring practices are over and there are no games until September 7.


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