Christmas came early today lol

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Christmas has indeed come early MJ ... Robby racing #316 Dakar ... woot woot

it feels so good to be back...

Es todo Robby Gordon... México te sigue

ASO in panic. Emergency meetings being held. Here come the Americans.

They missed RG

So I would expect trouble from inspectors about the placement of the front mounted spare tires,,, forward looking and a possible advantage in a heavy front landing.. its a great idea so will get scrutinized to no end. RG is back!!!

Robby is the reason I started watching the Dakar - so glad he is back. Go #316 Go.

Wait...this thread was supposed to be about MJs new bad ass Helmet.

What, when, how....there has got to be a story behind acquiring such an iconic it real?!

Maybe me getting yet another Robby collectible will bring Robby and the team good luck lol


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