Join in and discuss all the action for the 2015 Parker 425. Robby Gordon is racing the number 77 in the 1400 Trick Truck class.

Entry list HERE.

We will have raceday chat available at 10am/et on Sat. Feb. 7th.

Thursday, Feb. 5

Qualifying - 1pm/et (11am local time)

Saturday, Feb. 7

Raceday - 9:15am/et (7:15am local time)

3 laps, 425 miles total.

Link to live tracking (1400 class)

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Yes I know, my typo. What I meant was it would have been awesome if it was a side x side start. Parker's never been a two at a time start. That first left out of town would be a crash fest, plus the danger to the spectators. BTW back in 04 or 05 Lofton & I spun out going into the first left on the pavement and almost hit, I think the 2nd or 3rd telephone poll. It was crazy as we came to a stop and a dude was using the poll as a shield as he thought he was getting mowed down. It was a freezing cold morning where the dew was frosty & frozen making the road slick. Casey told us at the start, but adrenilen took over and we almost ran out of tallent before ever hitting the dirt!

So where's the video?
Found this teaser of it on Twitter with a link to the facebook page , guess there's a longer version of it coming out soon .

I added 2 teasers at the planet robby facebook page.

Longer video is still processing at youtube. Will be posted on Planet main page once it finishes.

Cool another vid to add to my collection lol . If it's 1/2 as cool as the teaser it'll be AWESOME .

Any update on the actual part/failure ? Those tid bits are nice to know. Thank You.

I was there and saw it.Nice work!

You get to claim to be the cause of all the cones and chicane now? Well you and Rob, I think he has left some paint on those poles too.

This year the 6175 went over just as you hit the dirt, almost saved it...but no.

Yes, we said side by side would be pretty cool too.

Any version that is stand alone/not facebook?

Here is a YouTube video I found with some highlights from the 2015 BITD Parker 425 with some great detailed clips of the 77 SPEED Energy TT going through Tech. Credit to TheRidersChannel.


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