Do we know if Robby will compete in the 500?

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I do miss him in Nascar and TOG is correct with Nascar being the most popular form of motorsports. After all he is always introduced as Nascar driver Robby on that fateful day in 99 if they would not have called him in for fuel he would be introduced as Indianaplois 500 winner and Nascar driver Robby Gordon......Has a nice ring to it doesnt it?. Damn fuel gods. Anyway back to the topic, since I am a moderate Nascar fan and fanatical open wheel fan I will always thank of RG as an open wheel guy and desert racer before a Nascar driver. It will be intresting to see what happens with American sports car series in 2014 with the Grand Am/ALMS merger and more manufacturers getting involved in that series, this would be a great place for RG to shine in the future, it would fit his age demo. I also dont expect RG to ever hang up his tin top helmet, but like TOG said, it would take full sponsorship to do it. Doesnt it suck getting old? Nascar and open wheel is a young mans game, but never bet against RG, he is a very smart business man and if SST is where it and RG are than so be it. Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Baja winner, Indy 500 winner, Nascar winner Mr. Robby that sounds proper. Besides it is going to be great to have Max driving for RCR in 12 years and getting under Brian Frances skin...Oh the things to live for.....

All sound good, but MAX will drive for SPEED ENERGY and the door is still open for sponsorship in NASCAR, SPEED ENERGY sponsorship.

Hell I wondered why he didn't do it sooner long before he did it.

Maybe now Robby would run in equipment that is not his own just for one off's?

I hear you, but then the question is what equipment? Only chance I see that happening is if a team needs a driver as a fill in ( like if a driver gets suspended ala Kurt or Dinger this past season ) Trouble is, all the top tier teams have younger drivers they would just stick in their cars. Perhaps a few teams reach out to RG for the road races.

Rob funny I just watched the Vegas to Reno last night on NBCSports network , so the races are on tv you've just gotta be enough of a fan to find them . One of the biggest things I think is wrong with NASCAR is its gotten to mainstream , the fans nowadays watch 1 race and all of a sudden they're experts when many of them wouldn't know Richard Petty from Tom Petty . With desert racing you really have to be dedicated not only to follow it but learn about it .

IS NASCRAP STILL RACING??? havent watched since RG last raced hasn't been a big loss to me

I love Tom Petty

Guessing if/when SST is a success RG will be able to cherry-pick the events he wants to run and have the financial means to be competitive. Of course, it would have to make sense to do so. That said, I didn't say it would necessarily be Nascar events...

there's three things i'd be willing to bet on, sst huge sucess,mj shoveling 3 feet of snow in buffalo,and rg in daytona in feb {in his own car probably}, with his own engine ? might need a few days to answer thing we know for sure with the right engine pakage he is capable of winning the 500.nascar may have lost some of its fans but there will still be millions watching, not a bad way to sell your own series if you can run at the front all day.

Well you get 1 out 3 right . SST will be a great success . As for the snow I've got a snow blower for that and right now we've got more rain than snow . As for NASCAR why would Robby waste his money in NASCAR . There is just no point in buying all new equipment for running just a few races . He could easily get just as much advertising for the series by doing ads and commercials .

i don't think i would call it wasting money on nascar i would call it spending money to try and convince those people who stop going to nascar races/or people that only watch it on tv that there is a more exciting series to watch.its kinda like saying Mr. france i'm here to race but i realy just came to steal your tv ratings,there's zillions of dollars out there somewhere for advertising but you need people to watch on tv as well as go to the far as equipment ithink its just a matter of adding some tubing to the existing roll cageon his own cars.


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