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Join in and discuss all the action for the 2012 Mint 400. Robby Gordon will run the #1537 RPM Offroad / SPEED Energy Truggy. This is the same truck he won the Parker 425 earlier this year. Here is the schedule:

THURSDAY 3-22-12

- Practice & Qualifying - 2:30pm/et   ( QUALIFIES 2ND FASTEST )

SATURDAY 3-24-12

- Start of Race - 4:00pm/et

Stay tuned for the Mint 400 Race Page ( ltracking links, video feeds, etc )

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Tool sounds like a great time enjoy! same goes for Mini and the Misses.

ill be down at fremont tonight also. should be a great time!

Tonight is the Miss 400 Pagent . Let's go Taylor Nicole !!!!!!

Couple questions:

1. When did the qualifying thing start? Ive been out of off road racing for a while, but we never qualified in the 90s. WHats the purpose of qualifying? They still go off corrected time, dont they?

2. How big is the Mint 400 to local Vegas residents? Is it just another event? Or is it huge?

My 02 cents. Qualifying is something that BITD does as of a couple years ago, its just to determine start position for the Disco classes of Trick Truck and class 1.

The MINT 400 is HUGE this year for locals, spectators and racers with a record number of entries. BITD has done their homework keeping the "Nostaligia feel" and this is becoming the "the race" to race this side of Baja. check out schedule of events that started yesterday!!!

Vlad, Qualifying started a few years back at BITD races. The reason for this is speed wise the class 1 cars are as fast as the TT's. And with the TT's always have the front starting position it made it a bit unfair and tough for a class 1 to compete for the overall win. So Casey with BITD desert started qualifying the TT's and Class 1 cars and it really evened the playing field as they both start as a mixed group. Then some of the other classes asked for the same thing and BITD gave it to them too.

As far as the Mint 400. In its prime it was equal to the Baja 1000, but in the USA. Over the years it became less important and eventually went away. A few year back SNORE bought the rights to the Mint 400 and revived it. They brought back running the cars down Freemont St and have tried to bring off-road racing back to town as it is hard to bring racing back when all the races are actually miles out of town and Vegas has grown allot since the days of the Mints prime, thus having to race out at Jean which is 30 minutes out of town.

Last year Snore chose not to continue the Mint 400 as it was bigger then they chose to handle. The Mint 400 name was sold to Mad Media and they shopped around and chose to partner with BITD, to show case their Mint 400 event. Mad Media is doing all they can to make the Mint 400 as big as it once was if not bigger. It might take a few years, but from what I have heard of their future plans it could and just might supersede the Baja 1000. One plan Mad Media wants to do, but will take a few years in the making is make the Mint 400 a points paying race for all the off-road series. So BITD, Score, Snore, HDRA and a few others will pay points back to teams who are racing their series for points. By doing this it could be possible to see 500 plus cars at one event. The days of seeing 50+ car in each class could be a reality. This year they put a 300 car cap on the race and they sold out with a waiting list, in case a team withdraws. Think about it like this, the Score's San Felipe 250 had 75 vehicles entered and that was including bikes. The Mint will have 300 vehicles and that is only cars and trucks, No bikes. I think Mad Media and BITD are making a statement!

Thanks for the info. It is still corrected time?? And the advantage to starting up front is what it always was... less dust?


I think Sal had shot himself in the foot so many times with stupid moves that it's to a point of no return.....Go BITD , HDRA , MORE.....

The Mint 400 should be like the old mint no points that what messed up the Lndy 500

Qualifying? Clean air! and.... Ohhh ya another day of fun

Me and the rest of the Nikal crew will be supporting the #1577 Justin Lofton "Collage Complete" class 1 car which will be going heads up with the #1537 Speed Energy Truggy. My crew is heading out early Friday Morning. Tool if you guys make contingency look for the black & green #1577 Jimco and meet Justin. He is very down to earth and I'm sure will be another hero for your son to look up too. You need to have one in the truck series too! And besides the #1577 car is planning on winning and we all want to root for the winner right?


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