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Join in here and discuss all the happy hour practice & raceday action for the 2012 Daytona 500.


RACEDAY  12:00pm/et - ( TV - FOX )





1. Full race ? YES
2. Sponsors ? SPEED Energy/MENARDS/MAPEI
3. Crew Chief ? Miles Stanley
4. Must Qualify On Time ? NOW QUALIFIED
5. Souvenir Hauler ? NO


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I don't have any idea why this would be a controversial move. Those sponsors didn't pay millions of dollars to have the race run at a time when no one would be able to watch it. Who can blame NASCAR for moving the race to the next-best position? Are there really that many people at the race who are going to have to leave because the race is going to be run at 6 p.m. rather than 2 p.m. or whenever the rain stopped?

I am glad to see that NASCAR learned its lesson after that debacle a few years ago - - the year Kenseth won the 500. As I recall, that's when they were starting races later, and instead of moving the green flag because they knew rain was coming, they went ahead with Digger cartoons and a country music concert and all the normal race festivities, and then the race itself was cut short because it started at like 2 p.m. and the bottom fell out that afternoon. I came this close to swearing off NASCAR for good that day.

Back in my day, if rain was coming, the cars were on the track when the TV broadcast opened, and the green flag would fly before the starting lineup could even be announced.

Is suspect that soon after the champagne dries off the winning car, the ticket holders who rescheduled their tickets twice might start to complain a bit. We all know in this new age of the internet, that as soon as one person complains, the whole world complains.

this later start could work better for teams and nascar in avoidance of any over heating issues.

weather looks pretty good right now...will it hold for tonight?

Michael Martinez wrote:

"My heart goes out to all the families that made it to their first Daytona 500 and are headed home with nothing but musty laundry. Also I've been in the rain while camped at the Pocono infield (lotsa times) while it is not for those who are prone to piss bagging because their mood is being soured by all the crappy weather and unable to live in the moment it can be a friggen blast. For all those that are sticking it out in the infield, have enough beer and what not I'm sure it must be a BLAST. So my point I guess is that all the wholesome family units that had to go home empty handed, with an empty heart, and salted memories you have my sympathy, esp. the kids. For all those still partying in the infield.........................well it can't be that great if I aint there."

LOL--great post! Pure PlanetRobby... great mix of big heart and craziness :)

I arrived in outer parking lot #7 early this AM and never left my vehicle. When I got word of the 7pm start I left the parking lot and have been fooling around in Daytona and Ormond Beach all day. Now under blue skies finishing up lunch at Amigos Cuban & Mexican Restaurant. Heading back to the track soon. Go Robby!

lets race already, stocked up on beer ready to go.......

I started drinking yesterday at noon... havent stopped yet... need the race to start haha

I with ya ! I started in 74'

Wow, hard core, my type of Amigo's....

Hope you all are mixing in a few cans of SPEED to stay energized lol 

No more SPEED today just pain meds for a jacked up lower back injury and Bud Light Lime's Yummmm


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