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Join in & discuss all the action of the 2012 Baja 500 on June 2nd. Robby Gordon will drive the SPEED Energy HUMMER , using the same 'no pitting' strategy as he did in 2011. Raceday chat will be available all day Saturday. Visit the 2012 BAJA 500 page for live tracking & other links.

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Robby Gordon starts 28th on Saturday.

can't wait! will see everyone here for the race!!!

I can't wait for the race....and the party Friday night!


Heading down in a hour

Party time in Baja....

I'll be at a wedding but you know I'll be here on my trusty IPhone lol 

Tough starting position ...lots of dust to race thru....Best of Luck to RG and the Speed Energy TEAM!!!

I am becoming a quick off road racing fan and in doing so I am trying to learn the ins and outs of the sport. How does Robby get stuck with the 28th starting position?

Luck of the draw.

Everyone entered before a certain date is put in a drawing for starting positions (by class) at Score races. BiTD has a qualifier where fastest time determines first 20 starting spots. After that it's draw for position also.

I'm with you Jay. I want to understand the sport, but am not sure where the best place to start is? I know nothing about it...any thoughts would be very helpful...

1 of the easiest way I know of to learn about the sport is to watch the movie Dust To Glory . As much as I know about desert racing watching it not only brought back great memories it taught me a few things I had either forgotten or didn't know in the 1st place . Another thing you can do is go to the OffRoad Hall of Fame website to learn more about the legends of the sport , such as Corky McMillen , Walker Evans , Rod Hall , Malcolm Smith , Sal Fish , Bud Elkins , Ed Pearlman , and one of my favorites Ivan Stewart . Here's a link to the Hall of Fame site


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