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At 1:52pm on October 22, 2010, Joan Forsythe said…
Hi Sarah - glad to hear from you - no plans for weekend, hope Phillies can pull off a miracle. Our heat went off again last night in the middle of the night, iit's very frustrating. The thermostat is new as of last year, so the guys have no idea why it just shuts down. Car running oK, taking it in on Monday check out the battery before the cold sets in. Got new wipers. Have a ton of laundry - put summer stuff away, etc. I can't believe it's almost Halloween (one of Robby's favorite holidays) I'll bet he will have a lot of fun sharing with Max - the costumes, etc. I loved dressing my kid up and when she was past that stage we still had fun going to the bars' for Halloween parites, prizes for costumes (some people get really elaborate). Are you planning a party for Halloween? Keep in touch Joan
At 9:31am on October 22, 2010, vak7 said…
Thanks for stopping by! Been busy building a new website for a bank on top of my regular jobs so haven't done much besides stalk here lately. But I do think of you every race! When RG isn't in the car, I wear my Harvick colors. When he is I keep my Harvick shirt out on a chair for luck. Pulling for him to take it all this year! What have you been up to?
At 7:52am on October 22, 2010, Kathy said…
Think I will pass on the "footed" PJs but if you wish me to I will gladly take pictures of you and Susan in them and post them to You Tube and entitled it "People of the Dog". HA HA Hope it works out that will get to meet up on Sunday
At 11:06pm on October 21, 2010, Garrett Gleason said…
It's nice to hear from you! I hardly get anytime to be on here anymore. Lots of school work and such but I'm doing really well so I won't complain.
At 9:57pm on October 19, 2010, chris sidow said…
Yeah friend is very strong...Sorry to hear that your friends mom passed.... Lol about the caps.... The pens have started to turn it around after they put fluery on the bench.... They beat gonchar and the senators lastnite.... The steelers look real good in there win against the browns.... Have a great week!!!!!!
At 4:59pm on October 19, 2010, Joan Forsythe said…
Hey Sarah - Are you still out there? The weekend was OK, glad Jamie won, RG is still 35th (miracle). Are you going to watch Tim Richmond movie on ESPN? I plan to if nothing interferes (like unwated phone call - per your recent blog) The heat has been off in our apt. and I so wanted a shower, but it's been too cold. Last night I drempt I was taking a hot shower (it felt good, but was only a dream). Bernadette the office mgr. said we would have heat tonight going down in the 40s. The new Milan needed a battery in the key and I also got a 2nd key for Gail. Got new wipers on and also told me before it gets really cold I will need a battery. I believe that because this thing has lights and signals everywhere - it even has lights on the outside mirrors and defroster there too, also a little light on each of the visor mirrors. I am still taking Milan 101. LOL Keep in touch - Joan
At 11:03pm on October 14, 2010, chris sidow said…
I will pray for your friends... I was wondering about your best friend and how she was doing with her battle with cancer.... She is one strong person and God will help her through this... Im so glad she has a best friend like you and prayer is so important.... Im sorry about your friends mother thats on her death bed but she will be in a better place soon.... Its hard watching people you love suffer.... Alot of my friends died from drug addiction,,, Im grateful that God spared me so I try to help people now.... Your mountaineers won so congrats on that!!!
At 8:40pm on October 14, 2010, chris sidow said…
Yeah I know Im not getting no sympathy from you regarding the Pens.. lol... I really dont like winter that much either.... I do like fall because of all the leaves changing... I will get a beautiful look at that in the morning because Im going to Lancaster to a auction... I got to speak my friends christian youth group last weekend about not giving into peer pressure... It was such a blessing from God that I was able to do that... Im sitting here watching your mountaineers play now... Looking forward to my STEELERS beating the browns this sunday...
At 10:00am on October 13, 2010, Joan Forsythe said…
Hi Sarah - enjoy your friends and acting foolish for as long as you can. Cherish the moments. In the past few years I have lost friends and family and miss the good times we had. Daughter Gail fell down our apt. steps last week and is nursing a badly bruised ankle and sore thigh. My knees are acting up with the new fall weather, so we are both not in great shape. As of yesterday, Shane still had no feelilng in his legs - I hope the surgery helps that, I'd hate to see him in a wheelchair - that would be awful. Roobby had a 2-pg. spread (photo and article) in NASCAR Illustrated this week. Interview was interesting, not very enlightening though. Stuff we already knew. He was very candid about his team, etc. Do you like the pink car? At least we will be able to see it on the track, it's the 07 for RG at Charlotte (but you knew that, I'm sure). Have fun at the parade, etc. I am hoping that our Phillies clinch the title and we can have a celebration like a couple of years ago. Joan
At 10:25pm on October 12, 2010, chris sidow said…
Hi sarah my pens to a little rough start... I think we will miss Gonchar on the power play this year... I went down to the new pens arena a couple of weeks ago to see the Chris Tomlin concert... Its alot nicer than the igloo.... God Bless and have a great week!!!!
At 9:22am on October 12, 2010, Joan Forsythe said…
Hi Srah thanks for the link, I just feel so bad that it happened. Had he been able to stay in NASCAR perhaps this would not have happened. Did you know Carl's backflip was originally Shane's - Carl saw him do it after a win and he decided to copy it. I felt Shane had a lot of promise, now he may be disabled for life, what a waste of talent. Joan
At 3:58pm on October 11, 2010, Joan Forsythe said…
I thought Robby was going to race at Charlotte - I see K. Conway is on the entry list not Robby. Wonder why RG is keeping such a low profile - any clues? Joan
At 2:37pm on October 11, 2010, Joan Forsythe said…
Hi Sarah - the race was good until Tony pased Clint. Glad Tony won, felt really bad for Clint however, since his win was literally taken away from him and he is still 12th (I think). My new blog on my page is about Shane Hmiel -poor guy, he just got back into the sport and this tragic thing happened. I hope he recovers, but the news release does not sound good, he had back, neck surgery, they have him in an induced coma, and re testing. He had head injuries, as well. What a horrific thing to happen to anyone. I feel bad for his Dad and family. Say a prayer for him. Joan
At 8:20pm on October 7, 2010, Missy7 said…
That was too funy! I chuckled to myself all day when I thought of it..Thanks...let me know if we chat next week! I tell Abe's ghost you said Hi!
At 10:33am on October 7, 2010, Joan Forsythe said…
HI Sarah - Sorry you don't like Fords - our family has ahd chevvy's and dodges, the Dodge had the usual problem in the cold weather starts up runs a mile and cuts dead. All the Darts, chargers, etc. had the same problem. My Dad like Chryslers and they were OK, but expensive to maintain. On my Merc they had to replace the main sensor, but the dealer took care of it, so no $$ out of my pocket for the repair. It runs good, only 4 cyl., but I don't need a race car, not at my age - I did that when I was younger. I had a Ford body, a bored-out T-bird engine, a Pontiac truck clutch and a 3-1 ratio. That car ROCKED! When I turned she only slighty shimmied and never fishtailed. She was a gem, I was racing one day and I heard a snap, i BROKE THE SPEEDOMETER CABLE AT OVER 120. I was always getting warnings for going over 90 mph on the Jersey expressway and the PA turnpike. I cannot do that today, my reflexes are just not that agile. I was surprised that Robby's not racing in Calif. this weekend, I sure miss him in the car. Joan
At 5:04pm on October 4, 2010, Joan Forsythe said…
Hi Sarah - hope it's a good week for you. I didnot watch the race, by some miracle Robby is still 35th in points, but Conway -- what ever possessed RG to put him in the car is beyond me. He has not finished well in all of his times at bat. Robby was 26th, but Conway seems to always be a bottom feeder. My mechainic could not fix the car, had to take it back to the dealer and he said he will have it fixed. So he took it this a.m. and I think they may have to order the part. Thank goodness I held on the the '92 She is still kickin. No radio, no air, hardly any wipers, but she is still huffin along. All of my Fords were the same way, had lots of things wrong, smokin like an chimney, but still chugging along. Ford builds really good cars, no matter what anyone says. Joan
At 4:00am on October 3, 2010, Mr Waters said…
Ya definitely excited though ive been entertained with The Reds and surprisingly the Bears, so I may not be quite as anxious but I am definitely looking forward to Thursday night.
At 7:03am on October 2, 2010, Mouseking7 said…
THANKS SARAH!!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!! Sorry to hear about your friend!!!! Hugs and prayers!!! Love ya
At 7:18pm on October 1, 2010, Mouseking7 said…
The Monster is back in town, the Monster is back in town!!!!! OR, should I say, THE MONSTER HOODIES HAVE ARRIVED AT THE HOUSE OF MOUSE!!!!! Thankyou so very much!! They look great! The gang is sure to be the "best dressed" while chasing Robby for autographs!! Still lookin for that lil slip of paper that was supposed to accompany the merchandise though!!!! Thanks again, and have a MOUSE kind of weekend! Love ya
At 1:52pm on September 29, 2010, Mouseking7 said…
And YOU are probably the only person to notice my header OR my new Profile pick, so I probably wasted my time and energy on both, BUT, I felt it needed saying at the time!! Can't wait to get the hoodies and, like you said, converge all at once on Robby!!! Hope someone has a video camera for that meeting!!!! Fighting Bronchitus here, but that is what I always seem to end up with! Hope all is well with you?? Take care! Love ya

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