Here we are in June. Last I heard, if we were going to be competitive in 2015 we need to be testing in about a month. anyone hear anything about the HST?

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I think the gordini is prerunning for the baja 500. Not sure what if any modifications have been done this year

in this thread is the most current public picture.It was schedule to get many updates/repair's/modifications.I'll guess we'll never see the list.

Thanks, Hope high altitude high heat tests are scheduled as well.

It seems PETERHANSEL is going to race in PEUGEOT team for Dakar 2015!

Just have to wait for the announcement. Maybe the worst keep racing secret in recent history
There it is,finally!

A refreshing team tactic if they really mean it.

Nasser to Toyota, huh?

very high on its wheel i think ......

I hope that is their out-of-the-box setup cause it looks like it needs work.


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