Crossed the border not long ago

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Should be a good test .

I'll let TOG squash this rumor before I get too excited.

seems he just crossed into Mexico earlier, that is the Tijuana customs

just pre-running with the Gordini.

The Trophy Truck is running the 500


With the body attached!

Where's the big scoop on the roof!?

The scoop looks like its down, but you can see it sticking up just a litlte above the cab.
During Dakar he had it raised and lowered dependent on the day when the radiator was in the back.

It appears that the scoop is set back ... behind the cab ...

Thanks for the Spy photo Sandi

With the immense popularity that Robby enjoys south of the border, I'm surprised that there aren't more spy shots of Gordini available.

The old girl looks good !!


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