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Got Dirt!

Does anybody know the format of the race? Laps? Heat races?

I think it's 2 laps qualifying, then heat races of 10 cars. Top 8 from each heat go to the final, the others are eliminated.

Holy jump!

lol .... it's an extremely good thing ...that the dirt mound in the picture ... is part of the Moto-X playground. I don't believe a Toyo AT-II tire would survive such a fall ...

This is gonna be amazing !!!! Does anyone have the tv schedule ?

Not entirely sure this is the correct line-up. For example: EJ Viso said he would be there. RobMac hasn't been in an SST this year.. although I would be happy to see him. Various sources have said 20 trucks (such as Robby himself).. we'll have to see whom fills those seats.

Sunday June 8, 2014 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Super Trucks Athletes:
Greg Adler
BJ Baldwin
Nick Baumgartner
Jerett Brooks
Adrian Cenni
Sheldon Creed
Charles Dorrance
Robby Gordon
Gavin Harlien
Mike Jenkins
PJ Jones
Vaughn Gitten Jr
Keegan Kincaid
Kyle LeDuc
Justin Lofton
Apdaly Lopez
Arie Luyendyk Jr
Rob MacCachren
Justin Matney
Craig Potts
Jay Reichert
Scotty Steele
EJ Viso

Gittin Jr is supposed to be in West Virginia on he confirmed for Sunday?

the guys with X-game X's are the scheduled driver's,I count 19,I have no idea who Gittin Jr. is.He's not listed.


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