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Guess time may tell.

Or Not.

Sitting out a year for a Hendrick seat to open up? Going to IndyCar? Sports Cars? Only Carl knows.

I'm going to go with the reasons Carl said, health, time, family. Much like Nico Rosberg's
Maybe Carl is just that smart. Maybe his bride is just that smart. Either way I first thought he may have got himself in trouble with the wife, then I heard his side. He knows where he is, right this second and what it's going to take to get a Championship and direction of NASCAR ... I say good for him. JMO

Well whatever the reason is I just can't see someone in that position waking up one day and saying, Hey I think this is dangerous, I think I will quit.
My guess is he had some outside influence.
At the least you would expect him to finish the last year of his contract.

But hey, any way it boils down I hope he does not end up regretting his decision and he enjoys life.

Maybe grew a set and going to rip up the Dez in a trophy truck

Something tells me he would need to get an OK from the wife first.


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