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Why do all the articles on Penske going to ford leave RGM out of the Dodge Mix?

Penske's departure is a serious blow to Dodge, given that the carmaker isn't affiliated with any other teams on NASCAR's top level. The manufacturer is slated to unveil its 2013 Charger before next week's race in Las Vegas, but as of now has no team to field that vehicle next year.

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Wally,if I had any talent, I would have dressed it in a 7 and put Speed on it!! It is sharp:)!

The correct spelling is: "articles"

That's what you get from this?

Damn Dave "Busted by the Spelling&Grammer Squad" and this one's a Saint no less!.................Thanks for the pics they're man lol! Ya just gotta laugh!!

Good Morning Wally!

Morning! Carl! It's kinda nice to start the day off with a laugh!

These spelling police are bastads!! If that's my mistake for the day I'll take it!! Keepin it lite Wally, that's fantastic!! That gave me a laugh...Have a great day Wally!!

Awe Phuck!


It was bothering me too Saint.

I'm still trying to figure out why SPEED Energy is sponsoring "BigBoot"



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