Michael Andretti wants to start an effort in NASCAR
Is in talks with Dodge, apparently
Dodge needs profile drivers
RHR drives for Michael and is Robby's Bro-inlaw
Is this all just coincidence?

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I wish ROBBY would just stay out of nascar.

outside of the Planet and Indycar die hards,nobody knows who Ryan is (not shit talking Ryan,just say'n) Dario is the highest profile to come, than go.followed by Horish to come ,go,comeback in a less'r division.
I'm still betting (a beer) that the Italian's will bag Na$crap (all or mostly)

Totally agree w ya Mike as for NASCRAP and Robby I'm just gonna stay mum . You all know what I think and people are gonna keep insisting that NASCAR is the closest thing to heaven so why waste my breath 

I think Micheal Andrettis potential nascar involvement has nothing to do with RG, RHR or any other connection.

Hell if ya really wanna grab at straws why not say Andretti and Danica could hook back up lol 

Hendrick's isn't letting go of the Danica cash cow.IMO
If, Michael does go Na$crap racing,he'll be in for a rude awakening,it's not kind to newbies.IMO

Ok I'll really stretch the hell outta it how bout Mario comes out of retirement and drives . Lol . Afterall he does have NASCAR experience lmao

Four replies in and it's over

"Is it all just coincidence?"



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