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Admittedly, I've only been able to loosely follow the RGM news of late; however, it sure appears to have gone quiet. The Robby Gordon website is hardly ever updated and it's very dated.

I saw he ran w/o a sponsor 2 weeks ago and is falling quickly in the points. I also read (via Jayski) that JGR has spent 10M over the last 10 years to perfect their motor oil! How can RGM compete with that?


Will RG do the Dakar this year?

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The SKY is falling! lol

This website is VERY current, and is linked directly through robbygordon.com, so no excuses for folks to not get info.

what kind of score updates do you need? He is running the full schedule,next race is the baja 500.

Dakar ? Over 8 months away, he has at least 3 teams, maybe 4. Sounds great !

RGM website is getting a makeover, but at the end of the day, news is news.It doesn't have to be presented in a flashy way.
I think you could report Robbys underwear selection to some people TOG and they would still want more...

Seriously, everyone needs to calm down about RGM. They have had cars that are more competitive than almost every other year RGM has existed (minus 2006, that Atlanta car was tough), and just need some luck to move back up the ladder.

Not only that, but I really am not worried about Robby qualifying if he falls out of the top 35 except at plate tracks. Most of the cars out of the top 35 are barely hanging on, and it shows in qualifying every week when they are at the bottom of qualifying results. Robby can easily outqualify them, except at plate tracks where his cars are clearly set up to draft well but not run fast alone...
I think that for those that want to stay up to date with Robby Gordon, you should visit this site. RG.com does the official releases but TOG does a fantastic job of updating this place 24-7. I mean, the most recent post on RG.com is as of Phoenix, and that was the last race.

He is falling in the points due to bad luck and bad circumstances not bad cars. RGM seems to be on top of their game and I think the finishes will soon follow.
Better to spend money on faster cars not the web page. Web site is good just seems that when bad luck strikes that the post race up date is slow to come up on the site . most of the time thats the only place to find out why Robby fell off the lead lap or had other bad luck. All in all the site is good .hope to see how fast a win is posted !!!!!!!
good news travels fast !
if you are looking for driver quotes and stuff after the race and quals go here. Race2Win used to be a good site for that stuff but they closed shop

and if Robby does have his quotes published, they will ALWAYS end up here anyways. Matter of fact I have seen Wilks post a few of them here if I am not mistaken.
sure i have and will continue to do so if nodody else gets them posted lots of good sites out there
yeah, some of the quotes are even made up...lol....check out Slider's pre race reports on the blog section (shameless plug....)
already have it..rgm
I frequent that site and it's pretty sweet! The robbygordon.com site updated pretty quickly during the dakar, and that's pretty rare info.
OMG, the sky is mos def falling faster than my stock in GM! I'm hearing the doors @RGM will close if RG's website isn't updated before Dega. As for RG's underwear, he once told me he has 26 pairs of "Flash Gordon" jockies. He says "the chicks dig 'em!" I also heard that if/when the doors do close @ RGM, RG will accept the offer to join the cast of MTV's Travis Pastrana vehicle "Nitro Circus".

BTW, if you took any of that seriously, I have multiple unique RG items for sale...grass clippings, used napkins, reciepts from Wal-Mart


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