Is the Vegas event gonna happen? I sure hope so.

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There is no such thing as Stadium Super Trucks Mexico

Get Rid of the Attitude. Let her ride. She's a big fan. As in FANTASY.

Members here who ask questions only question themselves.......That would be a good "idiotic facebook thingy" you know where someone likes some not so deep thought about.....hold on "phone call"..........yes I those diapers are for adults but they still fit your sisters kid .....just get extra cottage cheese for your uncle so we don't have to watch him frigg ours up....Okay don't wash the car ...that's a scam.....lov......."bitch hung up"............any way why do foks always run around askin this and that and this and that when after all this time the RULE IS it happens when it happens........."call back" I'm not on the computer lookin at planetrobby i'm doing the laundry.........hey gang GAS ON

You just explained "life"how we all get along in the BIG picture !! AND ???

you're funny

Interesting how they compress the shocks to make the SST trucks fit the height of the NASCAR spec transporters

"Trust Me we have a plan and I hope we can still do 2 more events in 2013 Vegas and Glamis??? Time will tell." RG

Posted today from the man himself on RDC.

That post is a great example of why I am a RG fan. I really hope they do a couple more races this year.

I'm kind of enjoying watching RG mix it up with them over on RDC. He's back posting tonight. Being a web guy, I'm loving watching him throw around Alexa rankings!!!

I've been following that thread too still ain't 100% sure that's really him . Although if it is an imposter gotta say good at least he's on our side .

pretty sure that's Robby.He does post on RDC

Cool thanks MK


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