Is the Vegas event gonna happen? I sure hope so.

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exciting event's/new's

This is a cool pic!


I wonder how many transporters they have? Why don't they wash them before they take the picture?

baja 1000

October 11,12 & 13 SST will be in Tijuana Mexico.

SST hasn't announced anything. I don't understand why that promoter would put that video up?

Robby just said on Jim Beavers Show he has talked w/them but deal isn't done yet.

I agree but the SPEED Energy Mexico Facebook had been promoting it for about a month now, maybe miss comunication between them
they have pimp'd many things in the past that don't come to fruition

Has it been promoted or a press release by SST? Nope.

SPEED Energy Mexico is NOT SST.

maybe they are doing their own thing under Stadium Super Trucks Mexico. I have to agree with Mike

and they have burned a few bridges with a local track.


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