"Dodge have unveiled their new-look 2013 car, but as yet have not aligned with a top-tier team and will run just one car with Robby Gordon if they can't find a team". Fox Sports


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newbies = young hoping to be 'CUP''s next biggest deal drivers 'pay' to drive TRUCKs.Old guys like Horndog,Sauter, Bodine ,Crafton probably just get paid a percentage of winnings.

Just for discussion,Texas N/W paid $84k to win,56k for second,37k for third,28k for seventh down to 15k to start.
Kansas Truck 43k to win,32k 2nd, 20k 3rd, than 15k-10k
@Ky, the expenses are about the same in Trucks as Trooper posted up.

SO it's really an opportunity to loss your ass and nobody saw it. If Na$crap was a good place for energy drinks Red Bull and Amp would still be there.IMO

Interesting point about the energy drinks, and valid. That being said, maybe Mapei, Polaris, FREIIGHTLINER, Jim Beam, Harrah's, or Menard's (already on Crafton ride), could better afford a CWTS sponsor package than the Cup Series. All just theory....I'd still like to see him do it....like I said, I think it fits his driving style :WFO. All just theoretical talk, ain't gonna happen, but I'd like to see it, or a few big dirt events a year.
It is a goddamn engine, not a motor........a motor is electrical,an engine is combustion......I hate that when drivers say motor.....it's an ENGINE!!!..end rant

Its funny when we talk RCs . We have to deal with them both since some are electric and have motors and others are nitro and use engines . But we get it all the time someone will ask what motor your running and mean engine or vice versa and say what engine you running and mean motor .



Okay from now on I will refer to evrything as a motor and Robby as Robbie or Jeffs brother......the world is freezing over.......Arrrgggg

Engine is okay too. Just pointing out that Motor is NOT incorrect.

DAMN!!!!! It was a smartphone screw up!!!!! Cut a brotha some slack!!!!!! LOL!

Simple solution for the Crew Hotel & Airfare cost.
Old School Bus & Tents. If the crew isn't willing to ride across the country like the Partridge Family & Sleep in tents then they obviously don't want to be apart of it bad enough.

WJM and I where discussing ways to cut race weekend expenses.One possible solution to the food&lodging expense is a bunkhouse trailer.The one expense neither of us found is, how much tracks charge drivers/teams for parking in the 'driver's lot.

One thing that came to mind last weekend with F1 in Bahrain and how the teams didn't feel safe on their way to & from the from the hotel was Track owned "Hotels" (for lack of a better word) on track property for Drivers/Crews/Media, basically anybody with credentials. (you would think these multi-Billion dollar F1 tracks that host fly-away races would have that but I guess they don't)

I mean yeah there is the initial price of building it but if done right (bunkhouse style lodging for the most part) the cost in the long run wouldn't be that bad. It wouldn't be open year round just on race weekends (or other major multi-day events at the tracks) other then that it'd be "Mothballed", & there wouldn't room service or anything fancy like that which means minimal staff expenses. A few hundred Bunkhouse style rooms (500 rooms & 15/16 people max) for crews, a few hundred smaller bunkhouse rooms (200 or so with 10 people max) for media, and then maybe 200 "Single" rooms for owners/drivers and their wife/girlfriend/family members. (or whatever the numbers would need to be to be able to safely fit the amount of people from a 3 series weekend).

Wouldn't be as comfortable as whatever hotel the crews usually stay at but it would mean not having to fight traffic which in theory means you'd be able to sleep in a bit later. Also if the track would bring in catering for like breakfast & maybe some sort of entertainment for at night it could improve the moral of the crew while their on the road.

Sure the track would have to charge a surcharge so there would still be some cost to the teams, but it'll more then likely be a ton cheaper for just the crew alone over the course of a season. Then if you get rid of driver/owner motorcoaches and have them stay there too it'll further reduce the overhead the teams have to spend on lodging.

Honestly now that I think of it I'm surprised Bruton Smith hasn't tried to do something like that yet at one of his tracks.

Actually, when responding on a phone, and using the word suggestion feature, it's quite a simple and common mistake. Especially when your employer's name is ROBBIE and his name is in your phone and ROBBY Gordon is not, LOL! Come on guys y'all nit pick much? :) LOL!


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