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SST Racing has invited YOU to be a potential driver for the 2013 Inaugural Season of Stadium SUPER Trucks and is asking you to join us Monday after the X-Games at Glen Helen on July 2nd & 3rd. This free test will allow you to get accustomed to our new truck. Bring your shoes, suit, helmet and safety equipment as you'll get the chance to wheel our little rocket ship we like to call a stadium truck at the Glen Helen short course. This two day test will give each registered driver 1 hour to drive the truck.

The test will be from 8:00AM to 6:00PM on both days and is only open to a limited amount of drivers so register ASAP. We appreciate your support and your time to potentially participate in our 2013 SST Series.

Please contact SST Racing's email at to confirm a time slot that works best for you on Monday or Tuesday.

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This won't be open to the public as far as I know right now....

I was going to say. I mean, I have a helmet and suit, but I've never driven an off road race truck. If I got registered they'd let me drive one for an hour? haha

I gook it off the SST site this morning. Damn...gotta call them back! I went and got a suit and shoes too...damn!

Sign me up too
In all actuality though it'll be cool seeing who shows up . I bet a lot of the short course and desert guys and maybe a few X-Gamers . I could easily see Deegan , Twitch and Pastrana doing it for the X-gamers . As for desert and short course guys I'm sure everyone of them could do awesome . 

Kevin, any live stream ?

I would love to see what they will do...What happens when I wad one up, do we have to pay to put em back together?

If you didn't receive an invite from Robby via twitter, email or phone you weren't invited. Please read the following as there will be other opportunities later in the year. This 1st test was only open to a selected few.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in Stadium SUPER Trucks, but we are unable to take your request for our open test at Glen Helen on July 2nd and 3rd due to limited availability.

We were only able to invite a handful of drivers to participate. Unfortunately, this test will not be open to the public.

In an effort to accommodate your request to test at our next event, please provide us with a racing resume that includes all race experience and a list of potential sponsorship prospects.

Please stay tuned to for more information on the series and other opportunities that present themselves. Around July 15, 2012, we anticipate releasing more information about the series schedule, committed teams and sponsors.

SST Racing

Does that mean I can sell my invitation? lol.

I am in no position to race anything but working in the series would be a dream come true.

A healthy support team is most important. thats exactly what i do. at least u got an invite envy envy lol

Kevin, Hope you share some pic.s or video. Wishing all test driver good luck and tons of fun.


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