Oh hey Planet,

You're probably wonder why TOG posted http://www.planetrobby.com/video/too-young-to-peak. Well, he did it as a favor to me.

This reminds me of back in the day when we were all trying to vote Robby into the All-star race...

Anyway, I've talked to young Garbo's parents and if we can get the votes up of 100,000 we'll run an awesome Speed Energy/Planet Robby paint scheme on the car for a event (which I'll document in all its HD glory)

He still won't be eligible for the contest unless we can come up with a fake birth certificate. That suggestion may or may not come from somebody at Peak. I guess they are open to controversy. It could happen.

Regardless, I appreciate your support.

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Please try to vote daily over this Memorial Holiday.Thanks

B Chuck,

Voted.... now if we can just get Jazzwest out of the woodwork to vote, it will be like old times

Whatever happened to Jazz? The mere mention of his name just brought a smile to my face :)

Have not heard from him in quite some time, hope all is well with you..... At some point you might have to write a tell all book about you're exploits with the old Team Gordon......

Voted ;)

Voted - good luck!

Voted, good luck...

5 votes in from the airport in Honolulu. More to come.

Voted again! How long before voting is closed?

Voting is closed, waiting on final results. Thanks all for voting.


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