This Marine Stands For The National Anthem! - Semper FI - Respect And Have A Safe Veterans Day

Only those of us know what we did and what we do for our country and fellow Americans. It was never about money because we were and still are paid so very little. We went in young and in shape and a lot of us left broken both physically and mentally.
I myself have titanium plates from my neck down to my tailbone. Spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, dislocated discs, herniated discs, fibromyalgia and even had a torn rotator cuff complements of Desert Storm, Force marches with 90 plus pounds on our backs.
I would do it all over again and again!
A McDonalds employee makes more than those getting torn apart by I.E.D.s.
Everyday, a veteran takes his/her own life because of the physical and emotional pain that they can no longer handle.
The V.A. took away our pain medications this year. I personally suffer every second of everyday in constant pain. They gave me Ibuprofen and lidocaine patches. Veterans have gone to their V.A. To get their pain meds only to be told they can no longer get them. Several have walked out of their V.A. and shot them selves because their pain was to much to handle. Veterans Day is not just a Federal Holiday and a day off from work. It's a day of Honor and Respect for those who fought for your rights and freedoms.

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Thank you for your service, Sir. I still shake my head at the way the VA treats it's soldiers.

Thank you. I had to wait 12yrs to get my titanium plates put in my spine. The VA wants to put everyone on antidepressants. If you weren't depressed before going there, you are afterwards.
Veterans Day is also dedicated for our four legged veterans as well. Our military service dogs risked everything so that our troops could come home safely.
Thank you for everything you and all service men and women do . Nothing but respect and honor for all .


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