Hello everyone,
It's amazing the power this site has! I believe it was the planet that was instrumental inn getting Robby into an All Star race years ago?! I'm sure this isn't the place but I opened a new business here in CT called Carpet Store of CT. I welcome any suggestions in promotions for a new business! I don't suppose I could get a bunch of likes & shares from any of you planet members out there on my Facebook Page ?or use Twitter Im sorry to have to ask me friends but being new with two kids in college, I'm struggling! Thanks in advance for any help or advice given!

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My pleasure ...

but that Facebook Pagee link posted is kinky:

www.facebook.com/DZHorwath" target="_blank">http://www.homeimprovement.com/www.facebook.com/DZHorwath

Thank YOU!

Found ya on Twitter disregard my text


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