The SPEED Energy Orange Beast, Baja 1000 Trophy Truck has arrived in Baja !!!

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Wondering why not charlie since they were pretty much undefeated in the truggy last year ? He did co drive the 500 I think

Was not Holbrook a RPM off-road guy?

Yes,Charlie is an RPM employee.
Still have albins in it? Couple guys I heard switched also.
switched to Albins? Or to manual transmissions?

This picture is the TT when it was parked Las Vegas.

900 HP

Kinda a long vid but really cool . Lots of great coverage from the silt beds .

What happend with MAPEI sponsor??? for the blue.. :S

I wouldn't worry about them not being on there, it's been a long racing year, and they've been on-board the whole time.


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