Just a reminder that Sunday, January 13th is the Dakar Rally REST DAY. Stage 9 is on Monday, January 14th.

Cars will begin the Stage 9 special section at 8:00am/et.

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Perfect timing for the crews after the Stage 8 fiasco.

Hey TOG.
I got one of the 7 shirts just a few ago but only seen sm size.
I will find someone it fits though.

There is a drop down menu that has the sizes.

It would not drop for me.
No biggie though I was just ordering to help with the funding.

Thanks For The Site.

Just got your message.
If you can change it to XL that would be good.

Thanks Again.

Do you have Plain Speed stickers or do I need to just go through the Speed Store?

Speed Energy stuff is available only through the SPEED Energy store.

OK Thanks.
For the record I must have had a brain fart because I just went back and tried and the drop down worked fine this time so I thought I would let you know.

Sleep. Finally.

If the officials decide to change their mind about the results of yesterday, which they have been known to do in the past, I imagine we won't hear of any change until tomorrow morning.

Well I aint holding my breath.

Good Morning everyone.

Morning Carl. A lot of big money teams probably aren't real happy about the decisions of yesterday. These things have a tendency of working themselves out for better or worse. Around the world there is many eyes upon this race and the organizers are open to criticism if things remain as they are.


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