Cant wait to see what the spec limits are. i thought it looked really close to a pro2 narrowed front axle beam span maybe and not much longer than a cherokee so if anyone knows a link i will definetly look to start a build.thanks rgm for the show last nite that rocked on u stream

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Any idea on a TV Package?

There was mention that a TV deal was being worked on with the races tape delayed until Sunday morning. The word network was also thrown in there.

Didn't USAC run the Indy 500 at one time?

Yes they did back in the days of AJ MEARS and MARIO 

They ran it up until CART in 1979.

USAC sanctioned the Indy 500 until 1997. The last straw really was the last lap yellow to Green White flag that suprised the field and confused everyone. Arie Luyendyk won RG finished 29th. This was the Coors Light car that caught on fire after the first green lap on the 2nd day attempt (due to rain) A usless trivia fact. There were four Robby's in this race: Robbie Buhl, Robbie Groff, Robby Gordon, and Roberto Guerrero

I dont see a problem What Monster hat??

Not really but you know how defensive I am when it comes to anything with Robby lol

Ya know, it's funny when you make an observation and it turns into a sub post. My point was that your in a "team
" photo op, and you should not disrespect the owner by wearing the opponents jersey, hat or shirt. I applaud Robby for allowing all sponsors in from tires to drinks, but in the team photo? C'mon, show up with anything but a rivals logo! Sorry, but when the guy's pay comes from Speed, wear Speed swag proudly!!! But, that's just me...

You aren't making any sense...

You want drivers who are sponsored by Monster Energy and RedBull to wear SPEED Energy clothing for a picture? doesn't work like that...ever.

Who said all of those guys are on a team? They aren't on a team...

Gotta agree with ya Scott look at freestyle mx . It's main sponsor is Red Bull but they still allow Monster and Rockstar riders to wear they're colors in photo ops and stuff 

I stand corrected. I thought it was a Speed photo for advertising, a company photo. I stand corrected...thank you


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