Any idea who the series sponsor will be? I think it will be LUCAS OIL.


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They are one of the 3 tire sponsors for the SST....Toyo, Pro-Comp & Yokohama

"California-based tire maker announced today it has signed on as a sponsor of Robby Gordon’s...."

What I love about well written PR is it makes the reader jump to many conclusions. This one talks about Robby racing on Yoko's decades ago but never quite makes the leap to today. Your mind sort of takes you there on your own:

“Decades ago, Robby Gordon raced and won in the Mickey Thompson series on Yokohama tires, helping to establish his impressive career,” said Sampson. “It’s great to be back in this form of racing.”

The first part referenced RG the second SST, but if you read it quick it seems like RG is now on Yokos.. Causes lots of hyperventilation on the Planet.

Some days I have some extra time to surf the web and see some cool stuff, like today. I came across a link on Yahoo called coolest car stunts. I think RG is a showman, racer, promoter & stuntman (to name a few)! You think of what he's accomplished from racing to creating and marketing his own energy drink company. IMPRESSIVE, you bet! If you click the link many of the energy drink companies have stunts. They go to the stratosphere if need be!! Then you have Hot Wheels. This company does some pretty cool stuff from double loops to (I think) the longest jump. They do stunts at the Indy 500 Check this out. Rg is doing this stuff behind the Charlotte facility! It looks like a natural for Hot Wheels to get into the world of Stadium Trucks and RG into the world of an occasional stunt! I have no idea how far the jump on the back road during the Dakar was last year, but I would guess jumping a football field wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities! Thank you and good safe!

Robby just did a cool promo at a car dealership for the SD event .
Check out this video on YouTube:

Someone should have strapped a heart rate monitor to Ron Baker of Ron Baker Chevrolet. I am guessing it would have looked like he was sprinting up the steps of Qualcomm Stadium

Like have hot wheels bodys and traxxas


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