Any idea who the series sponsor will be? I think it will be LUCAS OIL.


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I am interested to here who are the bigger sponsors. I still like the Idea of Toyo being the official tire. I understand keeping it open to attract more money. Who is gonna be the main sponsor?? Oil Company? Or just a bunch of small associate sponsors? Im stoked for the season to start. A cool series that I can actual see on TV. So happy. Handing out schedules to all of my friends.

I'm pretty sure I recall when Robby announced the series, he said there wouldn't be 'official whatevers' to make the series inclusive.Unlike Nascar that excludes sponsors.
Title sponsor,IMO is not a make or break.

yep, besides all those "official sponsors" are barriers to don't create barriers to entry when you're trying to build a series.

also - to Mike's point above - RG was pretty specific about the model - I don't think you'll see any "official x of SST".


I agree MK don't think there needs to be just 1 series sponsor . I don't remember MTEG having anything like that either . It just closes off too many avenues for money to come in .

I have affection for Lucas Oil when they sponsored Jimmy Spencer in that year of purgatory driving for Larry McClure.

Probably wont see them as a sponsor since they already do the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series .

As far as I'm concerned SPEED is in a way the headliner far as I go anyway since I'm in with the in crowd I guess you could say, even if is not going to be portayed as such. A whole heap of products companies and what not is what I would like to see, but that's just me. Conglomerate presence perhaps. By the way........what is the "Official fuel"..........I just had to ask.

It may not be a "break it", but seems like having a main sponsor is a successfull business model, I mean, look at all the other series that are using a main sponsor and having succes. With it, I am leaning more toward a "make it"...IMO.

It'd be nice if the "title sponsor" was a company that had it's own niche and didn't compete with drivers sponsors as to not exclude anyone.




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