Huge robby fan and fan of SST anyone have any idea how the series is doing financially? Been to a few of the races and have watched almost all that have been televised and the stands are never even close to be filled and one can only imagine the extreme costs to build/prep/rent all the equipment needed for these races. Hoping to keep the series around for years to come!

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IMO, the current program financially is the near future. Who's knows about the distant future.

The X-Games will be huge...Make or Break!!!

Getting people to do things these days...esp. new things is like putting a garden under a tree, HARD work. You can never tell what is gonna pop peoples start button. To see it live must be a blast and I'm sure those fans that do will return with more through expression and natural growth.. Good hookup with the companion to the Indy cars and X Games for sure but speculation to me is like sitting around the patio at the back of the bar "talking" about what to do. That's why I'm so lost in life there is so much realism and substance to my inner self that........screw that shit...he he ...sure wish they would find thier way somewhere up here. .............I mean look at Drag racing.....crowds down down down

The critics complain that SST is not like the old Mickey Thompson series its modeled after. The critics are right. However, when Thompson launched his stadium series in 1979, most football stadiums were dormant for 8 months of the year - generating no revenue. Stadium operators were amicable if not eager to bring in events, any event, that would add dollars to the municipal coffers. Not so anymore. The cost to rent a major market stadium, build a track, promotion, etc., is over $1 million+ per weekend. Without a Fortune 500 underwriting the series plus a full compliment of associate partnerships, no series can survive, not even Mickey Thompson's series, which went bankrupt in 1996.

I still think this would be the perfect fit for SST .
Do these few events and throw in the Super Sand Show , X-games and maybe some of the west coast shows that have done good thus far and I think it would really take off . WJM you mentioned MAJOR market arenas , how bout smaller minor markets ? Or would that pretty much be the same deal ?

The problem with minor markets is that they usually have small arenas too with less than 10,000 seats. To build the brand they have to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible, hence the partnership with the IndyCar series where the 3-day attendance for one of the street races is typically 200K-300K. This is one reason why SST runs 2 or 3 races at each IndyCar venue. Maximum eyeballs.

Something like the 4-wheel Jamboree sounds like a good tie in on the surface but I think SST could run every stop on the Jamboree schedule and still not be seen by the same number of people as they do in one IndyCar weekend.

Not quite 100,000 people per day but not bad . Last yrs Jamboree at Indy State Fairgrounds had 72,000 people . I'm actually kinda surprised Toyo hasn't suggested to Robby , just about every tv show and YouTube vid I've seen has shown them set up on manufactures row . SST could easily use the same course the Tough Trucks use then throw Robby's metal ramps for the asphalt sections . Dirt asphalt and sand have all been included in their courses . The shows include everything from show and shine , tough trucks , monster trucks , mud racers , and even some rock crawlers . It's basically a 3 day truck fest .

But how many see the tough truck thingy of the 72k? I've not seen any TV of the event,which would mean Robby's back to paying the whole load for TV production.

It's all on the same infield area . TV has been on the Lucas Oil On The Edge show . Used to show a lot on the old SPEED tv channel but now it's shown on MAVtv . Not sure how Robby's. TV deal works but maybe Traxxas or Toyo could help out since they already participate . Anyway just throwing ideas out there . I know there's more to the whole deal than I know of just saying it would be cool if that could work out .

As stated by the Maico guy, it's all about eyeballs. Lucas Oil OTE show is hardly mainstream. Neither was Speed really, and neither is MAVTV. Seriously, how many people attend or watch 4 Wheel Jamboree, or have ever heard of it? Running with IndyCar, and USC is the smartest thing to do at the present for the eyeball factor short of running at the Super Bowl.

I love watching these trucks turned loose on pavement. They sound awesome at speed, the jumps are really cool and they just flat out put on a better show than just about any other motorsport out there. I hope the current direction continues and more players get involved.

I agree. SST is fun to watch and the jumps really add to the show/race. Let's hope the X-games exposure, etc. keeps adding fans.


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